Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. | Episode 2 Review

Episode Two Thoughts

Episode two was an interesting one. When they introduced Nagisa Natsunagi, she didn’t seem like a character that I was going to like. Maybe it’s the personality or maybe it’s how they introduced her, I mean, pushing your hand into the mouth of someone you just met demanding that they help you seems a little crazy. Furthermore how she went about introducing herself and presenting the problem she demanded help with “I don’t know who I’m looking for, but I need you to help me” at first I thought ‘What the heck is this?’. To me, I didn’t find that all too entertaining, in fact, I found it rather frustrating.

All that being said, I was a lot happier when Natsunagi explained that she was looking for a person her heart wanted to see. But then, it raises another question, what does all that mean? You’re looking for someone your heart wanted to see? We learn that the heart Natsunagi was not actually hers, it came from a donor. But even then, as far as I am aware, the heart doesn’t carry memories or actions of its original owner. So in that regard, it didn’t really feel all that realistic. But we’ll disregard that.

All that doesn’t prepare you for what happens towards the end of the episode. With the help of ‘Bat’ the android Siesta and Kimi encountered four years ago, we find out that the heart in Natsunagi’s body belonged to Siesta. To have all these memories with someone who you’re no longer to see or hear. Having that feeling of regret and pain, while also knowing that you (Kimi) could have prevented the death of Siesta (something we do not know, nor do we know the details to). To then find out that the heart of the person who’ve made so many memories with lives on, I’m sure would have been extremely emotional. As this was the case for Kimi, seeing him unleash everything he bit of ’emotion’ he had left.

This now brings me to the final thing I would like to discuss. Something that has bothered me throughout the episode was that the fascial expressions of our character felt really bland and static. Their faces barely moved and when it came to showing some emotional, like for example, when Kimi hugged Natsunagi, Kimi didn’t really show any emotion, his face felt very static. The same can also be said for Natsunagi. It is because of those static faces that the scene in particular, (Kimi pouring his feelings out as he hugged Natsunagi), I feel didn’t have the desired effect it was supposed to have. Which was a shame.

Looking back on this episode, there were many things that I questioned. There was something about this episode didn’t sit well for me. Maybe it’s because I’m becoming too critical and I’m looking too much at the finer details, trying to nitpick everything. But also want to like and embrace this anime, I also want it to hit all my boxes. It’s almost like I’m battling myself, deciding whether or not I like or love this anime. All that aside, I’m looking forward to what comes from this, maybe Natsunagi will choose to follow in Siesta’s footsteps and become a Legendary Detective.



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