Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? | Episode 9 and 10 Review

Episode Nine and Ten Thoughts

An aspect of Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? is how random this show can be. You never know what to expect and that’s something I quite enjoy. Like for example, the significantly more jacked, but ghetto version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the form of Barnold Shortsinator. There I was thinking that Machio was someone who was over the top when it comes to flexing like there’s no tomorrow. My goodness I was wrong, this Barnold Shortsinator guy here is even more over the top and that was put on display early in the episode.

Furthermore, keeping with the animated version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, episode nine was all about something that Arnold is known for, which was winning bodybuilding contests. I will admit, I was both extremely uncomfortable but also extremely entertained at the same time. It was honestly really weird and I didn’t know what was going on because it was that weird. Also the fact that during this competition they made Machio into this bodybuilding god, who all the other contestants decided they had to bow before the ‘muscle god’ (Machio).

I’ve never witnessed something so random and unexpected ever. Purely on entertainment, episode nine in a lot of weird ways was ‘it’. This episode was definitely peak entertainment for Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?, and to follow it up episode ten (like episode nine) it too was rather unexpected (not really). It followed the same sort of vibe as the previous episode in that it wasn’t an episode solely focused on working out. As a matter of fact, the source of the episode’s entertainment came from Akemi’s insanely weird obsession with muscles and in particular Machio’s muscles.

Like episode nine, I was very uncomfortable but very entertained. As the episode played it as though Akemi and Machio were on a date with each other, it tricked your mind thinking that it was something normal happening for once. You never would have expected that the point of them (Akemi and Machio) spending the day together was because Akemi being the weird person that she was, wanted to see Machio in a cosplay that would show off his muscles. I certainly didn’t expect that and I found it crazy that Akemi would plan all this out just because she wanted to stare at muscles.

Overall both episodes were extremely weird but very entertaining. Episodes nine and ten stay true to that saying “expect the unexpected” which was something I failed to do. Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? has always been an anime where a lot of unexpected things happened, I should have saw all this coming but I didn’t and that’s something I enjoyed in the end. Both episodes are deserving of a B+ for sure.



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