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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 2 Review

Episode two thoughts

Ah yes, the power of Kobayashi. She is too strong and too powerful, Kobayashi is truly the Queen of Dragons, some could say the mother of all Dragons. I love the levelheaded and very aware characters like Kobayashi. Her ability to read a situation and to feel and understand the emotions of those she’s speaking with, in this instance Ilulu was something I did enjoy. Not to mention, her ability to make someone with severe trust issues (Ilulu) into someone willing to trust was admirable. In a way Ilulu reminds me a little bit like Loki. You’re told constantly that you’re supposed to cause trouble, that you’re supposed to be bad and mischievous. That no matter what you do, this is who you are. However deep down, you want to be accepted and you want to be able to trust and be trusted.

What I found even more interesting that Kobayashi’s resolve was that guy from the ‘dragon-slaying camp’. Whose job it is to kill dragons that cause chaos. Although this character is dealt with by Troou towards the end of the anime, I feel as though this group of individuals will be playing a larger role in the anime was we progress through the episodes. I do not and will not believe that this ‘dragon-slaying camp’ lives and dies with episode two. I feel like they will continue to take on a great significance as time goes on and that’s something I am very excited for.

Episode two also makes me extremely excited for all the future fight scenes that may/will happen in future episodes. Seeing Tooru’s eyes light up in anger as she grips the guy from the ‘dragon-slaying camp’ by the neck was both epic but very cruel at the same time. Tooru’s eyes and how they glow and are animated was something I really did enjoy. It makes me wonder just how powerful is Tooru and knowing that we have yet to see her use all her abilities and all her strength is something that excites me from an action standpoint. From what I’ve seen from episodes one and two, two things are for certain, the animations are going to be absolutely fire, and the fight scenes are going to be epic. To me although we only have two episodes, I have a feeling that this is going to be one epic anime and a worth second season.

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