Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei | Episode 3 Review

Episode Three Thoughts

While episode three is told from the ladies’ perspective of the parent anime. Something I did notice about episode three was that it felt a lot more playful. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei has always been that anime that felt very serious, that’s because it was told through the character Tatsuya. Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei is quite the opposite, this is also something I mentioned in my previous blog post too.

Episode three felt a lot more ‘obsessive’, not sure if that’s the right word for how I felt but I’ll roll with it. At the core of Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei, it’s basically a retelling of the original stor but through the eyes of Miyuki and company instead of Tatsuya. Even though it’s told through a different set of eyes, something that is still true is that Tatsuya still plays a very prominent figure in the anime; and since he’s still a prominent figure many of the characters are still in awe of him. I mean, Honoka, Eimi, and Shizuku basically follow him around all day. Everything felt very fantasy like, which to me felt pretty weird. Maybe the art style had something to do with it, and it could also be because I feel like we’re obsessing more about Tatsuya than ever before. With people wanting to know who he is, and how powerful this ‘weed’ is. We also had people, primarily, Suzune and Mayumi, tease Miyuki more about her relationship with her brother which was also something we didn’t really see in the first season.

If there is something I’ll give this episode props for, it’ll be turning the scenes involving the antagonists and the events that will eventually lead to a confrontation and turning into something a little more involved. Instead of going through Tatsuya’s way of problem solving, we’re going to be following the Honoka, Eimi, and Shizuku’s way of problem solving. Will they be the ones who confront Hajime Tsukasa of the Blanche Branch? For obvious reasons, they will not be. However, to see a different way of thinking, a different route to arriving to the same conclusion that Tatsuya will eventually come to is nice.

To conclude, while I am still unsure of the anime itself, something that made episode three remotely interesting, in my opinion, was that it’ll be tackling the same problems (I think anyway), that Tatsuya faced, but we’ll be given different conclusions, opinions, and a different route to a conclusion that we already know the outcome to. Which is something I welcome.