Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 3 Review

Episode Three Thoughts

I thought Kawasegawa and the teacher looked similar to each other but didn’t think much of it but now we’ve found out they’re siblings. It’s amusing how she’s realized Kawasegawa is interested in Kyouya and she couldn’t hide her fluster. I also liked how the others have gotten more motivated after seeing Kyouya’s final production of their work, it’ll be fun to see how they try to get one up on each other and blow away their classmates especially with Kawasegawa joining them. Episode three had a lot of things that I enjoyed, obviously, seeing the others motivated was definitely something I enjoyed. Seeing them motivated to be better and to do better was something I did admire. I also enjoyed watching Kyouya improvise, you could tell that he wasn’t taking his second chance for granted, he wanted to make their 3 minute sort work not only for himself but for the others too.

As we continue on this life redefining journey for Kyouya, he’s already made an impact on the lives of the people he admired and aspired to be in this later years. It begs the question, would Shinoaki still had these thoughts of quitting art even if Kyouya wasn’t there to stop her? We won’t ever know the answer to that question. One thing is for certain, Shinoaki and Kyouya are literally made for each other, I definitely ship them. It’s weird to be honest. The older Kyouya loved Shinoaki’s drawings and it gave him strength, you can make the argument that the older Shinoaki helped him get through the days. So to see a younger Shinoaki say that her goal now was to make art that Kyouya would love, really warmed my heart.

It’s almost a shame that Bokutachi no Remake is only twelve episodes long. With how everything has been playing out, this anime has so much potential with regards to character development. We already know who Shinoaki, Nanako and Tsurayuki become and the success they have ten years down the road, however we do not know all the events that ultimately led to their success. So while Kyouya is reliving the life he wanted to have, we’re also in the process changing the life Kawasegawa, altering what could result in a better outcome for her ten years down the road. Who knows, when all this is said and done, maybe when we get back to the present time Shinoaki, Nanako, Tsurayuki, Kawasegawa and Kyouya may all become successful together. A fairytale ending that I would love to see and I’m sure everyone else would love to see as well.

Episode three was a great episode, it’s definitely a 8/10, A.