Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. | Episode 3 Review

Episode three thoughts

If I were to compare, episode three to episode two, then without a doubt episode three was the lesser of the two. Maybe it was because of the ‘mission’ that Natsunagi accepted without question and forced Kimi to tag along with. Similar to how Siesta forced Kimi to be his sidekick four years ago. Overall, I felt like episode three left a lot to be desired. The mystery at hand wasn’t really something that pulled me in screaming “stay tuned”, it felt more like a “Come back when you can, no rush”. I do hope that as we progress through the episodes each mystery or dilemma faced become more complicated and elaborate than the last. This of course, is wishful thinking.

I questioned Natsunagi and wondered what truly motivated her to continue Siesta’s occupation of being the “legendary detective”. If it was her little monologue about not being able to experience life to the fullest because of her illness only to then get a new lease on life because of her heart transplant. Then I personally see it as a weak reason, I guess having the heart of someone who was a “legendary detective” was enough to convince Natsunagi to purse the same occupation. Or it could entirely be because she wants to live a fulfilling life, one that she was deprived from previously. Whatever the case maybe, something I didn’t like how Natsunagi was approaching her first official mission head on and without taking note of any risks etc.

This speaks to the inexperience of Natsunagi, and likewise to the experience of Kimi. The experience that he puts on display throughout the episode. It was pretty neat, even when it looked like he wasn’t engaged, he really was paying attention to everything, every little detail; that’s something I did enjoy. Futhermore, while Natsunagi is motived primarily by the monetary compensation, something that would allow her to buy whatever she pleases, Kimi on the other hand is someone whose only objective is to solve the and complete the mission at hand. Monetary compensation was the last thing he thought about and it surely was not on his mind until Natsunagi had brought it up.

What episode three does show that we’re still very much in the early days of the story. I wonder what all the future missions will entail and I wonder if all the missions they do together result in us finding out what happened to Siesta. Another thing that episode three showed me was that there is definitely a lot of growing that’s has to be done. I’m sure by the end of the anime, the Natsunagi we have now will be entirely different and will possess a lot of the skills that make someone a “legendary detective”. I am also sure that the working relationship between Kimi and Natsunagi will be better than it is now because it’s literally two polar opposites being forced to work together. Anyway, I am excited for what comes next, but episode three by and large wasn’t really an episode I really enjoyed because it felt kind of meh.