5-toubun no Hanayome | Episode 7 and 8 Review

Episode seven and eight thoughts

episode seven

AH, GOD DAMN. I almost got what I wanted. Personally, I think what I wanted, with the five girls urging their father to keep Uesugi employed, was a lot better than having Nino lie to her father, even though they all didn’t actually pass their midterms. It definitely would have made for a better show, and I thought it would have made episode seven, in particular, a lot more interesting. I also believe that if it went the route that I thought it was going to go down, I think the latter half of the episodes, which was the whole midterms part of the episode, wouldn’t have only been ten minutes long and instead would have taken up more of the episode. That would have been the preferred option because the midterms were supposed to be the point of interest of this episode. I don’t know why you would make a pivotal moment like this one concise without adding something extra. Like I said, while I do not mind Nino lying to her father in order to keep Uesugi, I would have liked something a little more dramatic.

Episode seven also cemented that Uesugi is definitely my favourite character out of the bunch, and this has to do with the fact that he was more than willing to resign because he knew that they had all failed. He was honest with the sisters, and their father (before Nino took the phone) was something I really liked. He understood that his job was to get them to pass, and in that regard, he failed, and Uesugi was accepting of that. He seems like a character who cannot tell a lie. I wonder if he’ll come forward with the truth at the end of this season. Personally, I would love to see that because it gives me hope of achieving a possibility that I would like to see, the five sisters fighting to keep him employed.

episode eight

This seems oddly familiar; the male protagonist meets a girl when they were young but doesn’t remember their name or what they looked like, but a promise was made between them. This is definitely Nisekoi. This also means I assume one of the five was the girl that Uesugi had met all those many years ago. It’s just a matter of who and if we’ll ever find out. Apart from that, however, what I found very interesting from the start of the anime was how willing Yotsuba has been to help Uesugi and how quickly she accepted him. Which is different from all her sisters, who all rejected him at first.

I wonder why that’s the case, as Yotsuba‘s personality type is very outgoing, loud, and colour. At first, I thought, “maybe it’s just who she is,” but the more I thought about it, the more I think that there’s something we don’t know yet. So, since I love making assumptions, I will assume that Yotsuba is so open and was the first to accept Uesugi because she was the girl he met all those years ago. However, she’s too nervous to tell him because she thinks it’ll ruin the relationship they already have and, more importantly, will ruin the relationship with her sisters.
(I like writing as I watch, so all this was written 8 minutes into the episode).

Wow! Past self, I am very proud of you. Your investigative skills are top-notch. It’s not like we saw hints of it in the intro or anything; no, not at all. Anyway, barring the natural spoiler, that is the OP, which up to this point has always been something I skipped over just to get to the episode a little quicker. I knew this was going to happen. If only Uesugi had turned around to look at the picture of the five sisters when they were younger. What could have been! Anyway, we cannot have that be the case; otherwise, it would be an extremely short series and wouldn’t have warranted a second season. So now it comes down to finding out which of the five sisters was. I assume it to be Yotsuba with how she acts around Uesugi. Furthermore, based on how Yotsuba declined the offer to join the basketball club, I do really think that she was the first of the sisters to meet Uesugi. I mean, how can you say that you like him (play it off as a lie), then, later on, say that “… someone is spurring me on even though I have no talent” and not be the person.

Unless there is a major plot twist that will show its head later on in the series or maybe in the second season. Because of the Nisekoi vibes I’m getting from episode eight, it makes me sort of worried that the second season may be like Nisekoi’s second season, utter garbage. Which was a shame because I loved the first season, so I hope the second season of 5-toubun no Hanayome is better than Nisekoi’s. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.



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