Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 3 Review

Episode Three Thoughts

My goodness, Kanna is just too good. I’ve seen many insanely cute characters, but there will always be one character that sits at the top and that’s Kanna. Naganawa Maria does an exceptional job playing her and making the character Kanna, loved and adored by everyone who watches the anime. Episode three largely felt like Kanna’s episode because I felt like we saw more of her than anyone else and I didn’t mind that. Kanna seems to me someone who is pretty laid back and is having fun being a child doing child things. Whenever she displays emotion or wants something, she’ll be very straightforward about it and will treat it as though it is supposed to happen.

Even though it did feel like episode three was largely about Kanna, another theme of episode three could also be “obsession”. Saikawa‘s obsession with Kanna being too cute to handle, something we see on full display this episode along with her obsession with Ilulu. Then we have Tooru’s undying love and obsession for Kobayashi and to top it all off, we have Kobayashi’s obsession with the ‘maid’ stuff and things.

Anyway, apart from all those things, episode three felt very episodic. We had different arcs that played through the episode. Which one of ‘arcs’ having their own niche that distinguished itself from the other episodes. Personally I didn’t mind it because it didn’t feel choppy. Even though you knew when they’d be switching to another arc through their yellow transition scene, oddly enough it didn’t feel abrupt. The pace throughout the anime was constant and there was always something going on from arc to arc and I think that helped with making the episode feel continuous even though it was far from it.

Even though we’re still very early in the anime, you cannot help but feel like there is something lacking. For me, that something is a conflict. Yes we have Ilulu, her past and current rehabilitation. However, episode three didn’t really take advantage of everything that happened in episode two, which was a little disappointing. We have this powerful individuals in Tooru and Ilulu, I want to see more of their abilities put on display, that’s what I really want. I want to know more about this ‘dragon slaying camp’ that we heard of in the last episode. I want them to take up a prominent role in the anime because it would make for very entertaining TV. I need something more to excite me. While I love the characters and the humor, I also want to see the power of these dragons put on display, give me a big conflict that will allow for that to happen. That is my hope for the episodes to come and I am sure we’ll get to that eventually, it’ll just be a matter of when.

Could you imagine seeing Kanna’s full abilities put on display? A character who is probably one of the cutest and most adorable characters in all of anime (arguably), breaking that mold of being a soft, happy go lucky and turning into this dragon with crazy strong abilities; would be epic. I am sure this would be something we’d all love to see and I hope it does happen. Anyway, overall episode three was a good episode, I just want more at this point.