Shiroi Suna no Aquatope | Episode 3 Review

Episode Three THoughts

I liked episode three quite a bit. Comparatively speaking, Shiroi Suna no Aquatope is probably one of the more quiet and gentle anime I’ve seen. Kukuru also felt a lot more toned back. She wasn’t as demanding as she was in episode two. We saw more of the hardworking and sentimental side to her. Episode three also added a lot more depth to the whole ‘saving the aquarium’ deal too. Yes, Kukuru is doing it because she loves the animals and because she wants to take care of the aquarium even if her grandfather doesn’t want to do that anymore. However, the more significant reason why Kukuru is so passionate about the aquarium is that this was where she had her fondest memories, and in particular, memories with her parents.

That added a whole new level of emotion and passion to the anime because it goes a step further than just saving a dream you want to have. It also extends to keeping the place where your fondest memories were made. I think that is something we’d all wish we could do, save the protect the place where all our fondest memories were made. I certainly would do that if I could. Another aspect of the episode that I enjoyed was the animation where the doctor was engulfed by the ocean around her. There was something so calming about that. It was also very wholesome because she (the doctor) could see the child she was about to give birth to playing. You couldn’t help but smile when the child comes down to give his mother a hug. You could tell that they (the child and mother) were ready. This is weird for me to say, but that’s how I interpreted the scene.

Episode three is definitely one of the more wholesome episodes, and I hope that all the future episodes carry the same kind of vibe. Oh, and there is something else I would like to mention briefly; after watching episodes one through three, I can tell that the show’s pacing will be relatively slow, almost as though we’re taking everything one step at a time and one day at a time. Which is something I do not mind personally because it’ll probably mean that the story Shiroi Suna no Aquatope is telling won’t be rushed. It also means that each episode will contain something that will push everything forward. The slow pacing will also mean that we’ll be able to build a deeper connection with the characters, which I’m looking forward to because character development will be at the forefront. Overall, episode three is a solid 7/10, B.