Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 4 Review

I like but also dislike Kawasegawa’s unflinchingly blunt but earnest personality. I like it because sometimes you need that person who isn’t afraid to tell it as it is. They are the ones who speak the truth, even if it’s something that we do not want to hear. But I also dislike that kind of personality because of how passionate she was. It sounded like she was berating Nanako for not committing 100% to what she wanted to, which was singing. At that moment, to me, it felt a little bit insensitive because why put someone on the spot infront of everyone because you felt like they did a better job at singing than acting. It felt like Kawasegawa put grading of their project and the flaws she saw in her group’s work over the emotions of others, and to me, that felt wrong. If I were in Nanako’s shoes, 100% I would have slapped her because if she doesn’t know what I’m truly feeling or doesn’t know who I am nor has built a connection with me. So why are you going to criticize what I do? That’s just me.

Then on the opposite spectrum, we have Kyouya, who is the more understanding and more personable individual. Unlike Kawasegawa, who, to me, feels like a perfectionist and highly professional, Kyouya, as we know by now, is accommodating, is very good at compromises and is someone who will always have faith in you and your abilities. So Kyouya and Kawasegawa show two different ways to approach the same problem. They also offer two different solutions to that problem. In a work environment, you’d need both individuals to bring out different qualities and beliefs from their employees. I personally would prefer Kyouya because I think he would be a better all-around person. While Kawasegawa is that person who will make sure the deadline is met and demands the best at all times.

Overall, episode four highlighted an interesting dynamic. We have two polar opposites on the same team, working on the same projects together. It’ll be interesting to see what other scuffles come out of the group. Kawasegawa definitely feels like the distributor of the group, she’s a demanding character, and we have already seen instances where she has clashed with Nanako and Tsurayuki. I wonder who will be the next victim.

I think what’s going to end up happening is that as the episodes progress, we’ll slowly see more arguments creep in that will spark disputes amongst the group members. Arguments that they will all have to work through as a group. What will come as a result? Well, I think for starters, it’ll make Shinoaki, Nanako, Tsurayuki and Kyouya harder workers and will push them even further to not settle for what they are currently; and secondly, it’ll soften Kawasegawa’s character up because right now she’s a little too uptight for my liking.