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Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. | Episode 4 Review

The fourth episode to Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. was extremely underwhelming. Maybe it’s just me but ever since the first episode, it feels as though each episode after that has regressed. Like for example, episode four had a lot of talk but very little action, which is something I wouldn’t have minded if the dialogue was not boring and if Kimi’s character showed a little more emotion. As he was the person who did the vastly majority of the talking throughout the episode, never once did we hear a change in tone. You just couldn’t feel the energy or passion in his voice as he talked, it honest felt like a scripted robot.

Overly talkative episodes are ones that I dislike most whenever I watch an anime. I would say the majority of this episode was just dialogue between the characters and that wasn’t something I liked. Did Kimi and Natsunagi ultimately solve the mystery? Well Kimi did, I don’t know what Natsunagi was doing. Her character this episode was very frustrating to watch and I can direly attribute that to overall inexperience as a detective. Natsunagi didn’t actually think Kimi knew what he was doing and kept questioning him every step of the way, even up to when they confronted Saikawa at the end of the concert.

I understand that Natsunagi is a newbie when it comes to the whole detective occupation. There are many things that she still has yet to learn and understand. Until you’ve learnt everything that there is to learn and is able to understand the rationale behind people’s motivations etc, then you’ll never be a good detective and that’s what’s shown here. Natsunagi’s lack of understanding and her inability see the ulterior motives was one of the more frustrating aspects of the episode. Kimi wasn’t too much help either, he just acted without explaining anything. In a way, the roles of “detective” and “sidekick” are flipped. While Natsunagi has the heart of the “Legendary Detective”, Kimi as the skills and knowledge of the “Legendary Detective”.

Ideally if we could have less talking and more action, then without a doubt it will work in the favour of the anime because I believe that’s the biggest thing that is lacking right now.

Something else that I disliked about episode four was that a lot of it felt scripted, especially when Kimi confronted Saikawa. Kimi had already discovered everything and told Saikawa everything he knew. Which, for starters, already killed the moment because there was no build up, it was literally “Here are my findings, which are right so do not object”. Then we had Saikawa provide a backstory which I’m sure was supposed to make her feel vulnerable (This backstory of course, was then used to justify her actions). Somewhere though all that, Kimi links it all back to SPEC, which was the organization that Siesta was chasing after. I don’t know, it didn’t feel like there was any sort of problem solving and that to me as a shame.

Going forward, I definitely want to see less of what made episode four so underwhelming. This was definitely the weakest Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. episode to-date. 5/10, D.

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