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Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. | Episode 5 Review

Ah, finally, an episode that has Siesta. It took a little bit, but we’re finally getting to something a little more interesting. While I don’t mind Natsunagi, let’s be real here, Siesta is the best girl.

While episode five offered something new, there were many things that I disliked about it. For starters, not sure why this was the case; however, a lot of the episode happened with minimal lighting. For the most part, we saw our characters interact in a darkened setting, and I didn’t like that because it made it very hard to see. As a result, I found myself squinting throughout the episode, and I found that annoying. Another thing I disliked quite a bit because it was a very dialogue-heavy episode, with all chatter and no action, apart from the end, of course. And even then, the ending of the episode, a cliffhanger, wasn’t really a cliffhanger and wasn’t even that good of an end.

Furthermore, as the episodes progress the less, I like Kimi as a character. His lack of emotions and his inability to adequately express whatever feelings he does have really is frustrating. In addition to that, maybe it’s just me, but his soft-spoken and monotone voice does not work well for this anime. It certainly doesn’t help with him conveying any emotion he does have. His voice is more suited for an audiobook than an anime. Kimi is like a significantly watered back and toned-down version of Tatsuya Shiba. They both do not feel much in terms of emotion, and they both share that one tone voice. However, the clear difference between the two (apart from actual abilities) is that Tatsuya is better at conveying whatever emotion he did have, while Kimi struggles with that entirely.

However, the worst part of this all was that this dude was kidnapped and hand-cuffed. He wasn’t tied down to anything. Kimi’s arms were just put behind the back of a wooden chair. He spends a good ten minutes talking to Hel (SPES Supreme Leader), not undoing the handcuffs, then randomly decides, “Ah yes, now is the time to start undoing them.” Just the way that whole scene played out felt real, I guess, weak?

I will give Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. for introducing possibly the main protagonist; however, Hal’s presence felt very underwhelming, like you weren’t intimated by her. When you have the title of “SPES Supreme Leader,” then I would think that you’d be a pretty badass character. While seeing Hal chop off the head of the werewolf then proceed to stick her sword into the corps was pretty badass. However, her character after that point felt very underwhelming. “Is this really the big boss?” is what I thought. I do not believe she is the real boss but a vassal because she mentions her “father.” After all, he’s the one giving the orders. So I’m sure there’s something more to it all. But even so, if Siesta calls you the “SPES Supreme Leader,” then I expected a little extra.

Overall, episode five wasn’t great, not going to lie. I’m disappointed, honestly.

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