Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 6 Review

It’s pretty depressing to know that we’ve reached the halfway mark of Bokutachi no Remake. Oh well, nothing we can do about that. Anyway, this Keiko Tomioka character we keep seeing is someone we do not know a whole lot about. But she’s really good at following Kyouya around, which I find pretty strange. My assumption is that she knows about Kyouya’s ‘remake’ and is just there to help him along, the concept similar to what happens in ReLIFE. If that’s truly the case, then -1 for originality unfortunately. Episode six definitely felt like a Slice of Life and given how episode five ended off with Nanako watching Shinoaki steal a kiss from Kyouya I kind of expected more spillover. However, that was the case and it makes me a little disappointed.

Why do that build up with Nanako only to have her, in the following episode, fulfill her tsundere. I personally didn’t like that, I thought we were going to see some spicy things happen. Furthermore, something else about the episode that bothered me quite a bit was Kyouya. His “I will find a fix” or “Don’t worry I have a plan” attitude is starting to feel so scripted. While it’s nice that Kyouya is the type of person who will always look for the positives and is always willing to help people out whenever he can, this happy-go-lucky attitude drives me a little crazy because it’s not realistic which is ironic because the story itself is also not realistic. I just never have been a fan of the overly positive and optimistic personalities in anime because it feels so fake.

Anyway, something I will say about the episode was that definitely feels as though episode six has set the stage for all the episodes that will come. I hope that more than one episode will be dedicated towards the game development that they’ll be doing as a group. I really do, I don’t want this to be a one and done, completed by episode seven. I want this to carry over into the next episode, I want episode seven to be a continuation on what was built up in episode six. I do not want it to be like episode five, I don’t want something that feels episodic. In a perfect world I would love to see a strong end to the series, up until this episode (episode six), I loved the build up and I loved the emotion. I love the pacing and how quickly our characters have developed, I don’t want the latter half of Bokutachi no Remake to be a major let down.

To conclude, episode six wasn’t that great of an episode because it didn’t meet my expectations. It didn’t match what I wanted to see. You cannot have episode five be a genuine character building episode, with the end result being Nanako heartbroken by the end of episode only to then not address everything that had happened in the next (episode six). The mere fact that episode six brushed is off and made it feel like water under the bridge really disappointed me. In that regard, episode six was definitely a 6/10.



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