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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 6 Review

The biggest thing I noticed about episode six was that to me, it showed off the other bonds between dragon and humans we have in the show. Which was nice. Instead of primarily focusing on the same two characters in Tooru and Kobayashi, we instead get to see more of Shouta and Lucoa, Fafnir and Takiya, and finally Kanna and Saikawa.

Regarding Lucoa and Fafnir in particular, we got to learn more about why they act the way they do. For Lucoa, it’s because Shouta offered her a place to stay, Shouta gave Lucoa a home. Something that she never had for long periods of time. While Fafnir was more so curious as to why dragons (in this world), chose to interact and live amongst the humans. In a way, it further explains why Tooru is the way she is too. Tooru too wanted a long term stay, something Kobayashi gave her and Kanna. She was also curious about humans and wanted to learn more about them, which is why Tooru chooses to co-exist and mimic human behaviour, this also explains a bit regarding Tooru’s past (Flashback to her and Elma once a upon a time).

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S has been exceptional with regards how they execute their episodes. This anime as a whole is what a Slice of Life should be. Despite it being an episodic episode, every scene transitions into one another so well. Even though the transition itself is not seamless, something about it makes it seem like it is and it’s quite weird. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S is one of those examples where they know how to optimize each episode for maximum enjoyment. Why can’t all Slice of Life’s be like this?

All that being said, I do feel like there is something lacking. I’ve mentioned this in my previous blogs as well. We saw glorious, outright stunning animation when it came to the actions scenes. However, there has only been two episodes where we got to see this. I want more. My desire to see the type of animation I saw during the first episode makes me want more. It would be so epic to see those types of animations again in this slice of life. Anyway, episode six was just one of those all round, entertaining episodes for me. Nothing more to add here, move along.

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