Shiroi Suna no Aquatope | Episode 6 Review

Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t feel like any of the anime I’ve watched as of late has been eventful and it’s driving me crazy. With regards to the sixth episode of Shiroi Suna no Aquatope, we spent much of our time watching our characters decide which flavours they wanted their ice cream to be for an event they were going to hold at the aquarium. Only to find out they cannot do that because there is this whole food safety thing that prohibits them from selling ice cream at the aquarium. To me, I didn’t find that interesting at all.

What frustrates me most is the pacing of the show. I mentioned this in my last blog too. The fact that we take so long to come to a conclusion, which by the way takes up pretty much the entire episode is extremely infuriating. From an entertainment standpoint, nothing about episode six pulled the viewer in and screamed “This is the episode to watch”. I am almost certain that if you skipped through the episode, chances are you wouldn’t have missed a thing because they would still be on the topic of ‘what dessert should they serve?’ or ‘what variant of the dessert should we have?’.

Six episodes in and I’m already bored of the anime, there just hasn’t been that ‘it’ factor that pulls you in. I find myself doing other things besides paying attention to the episode. Once you start doing that, then you know that it’s going to be a long day. Now could Shiroi Suna no Aquatope suddenly become entertaining? Could the anime show off the ‘it’ factor that causes people to continue watching? Yeah, of course. I mean we’re only six episodes out of twenty-four episodes in. There definitely is a lot that can happen in between now and then. However, in my opinion, I believe it’s got to start now and as quickly as possible. There are only so many times Kukuru can repeat saying I’m going to keep Gama Gama open” before it starts to lose its significance.

I’ll now pull a 180 and tell you about what I would like to see that’ll make the anime a little more entertaining. Even though we’re six episodes in there are still plenty of things that I do not know about the characters. I want to learn more about them. Up until this point, Kukuru has done all the talking. She’s the one who has been running the show, everyone else seems like they’re supporting her. I don’t want to see just the one character hogging all the spotlight, what would be the point of the other characters if you’re not going to give them their time to shine? So without a doubt, something that can benefit the anime is letting the other characters besides Kukuru have the spotlight for more than a couple of minutes. We have all these different characters but we know very little about them, and their barely utilized. I would love to build a connection all the other characters too.

Something else that I would like to see is something else other than the Gama Gama. I understand that the Gama Gama is the focal point of the story itself, a change in scenery, a new temporary setting would be nice. Constantly seeing the same environment over and over again has gotten a little boring and I do not think keeping the same setting constant for the remaining eighteen episodes would be a good idea. Let’s go to a mall, maybe spend time on the beach, maybe take a flight somewhere else. Anything and everything to be completely honest, I just want a change in scenery even if it’s just for one episode.

Anyway, to conclude my thoughts on the episode. Episode six was definitely very unimpressive, it was very boring and overall just felt very slow. This episode to me, wasn’t entertaining and I hope that all the future episodes are not like episode six or it’s going to be a long eighteen episodes.