Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 7 Review

Episode seven was fairly annoying to watch, since you’re having to deal with the pushover in Kyouya not wanting to hurt Nanako or Shinoaki’s feelings. I hate the pushover personality trait, it drives me up a wall. Episode seven reminded me a lot about Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata in that you have all these female character who feel a certain way about the one male character. Each one of them, wanting to make the male protagonist ‘theirs’. Another way in which these two anime are similar are with respect to the whole game making and development aspect, and an art style that feels similar. I’m sure many comparisons can be made, but in short, episode seven and Bokutachi no Remake as a whole definitely feels Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata-esk.

Quickly, regarding this love triangle we find ourselves in here. I will ship Nanako and Kyouya because I feel like their friendship building and overall character development which took place in episodes four/five. Was something that won me over, while Shinoaki is cool too. I do not think Kyouya and Shinoaki’s friendship building has come close to that of Nanako’s. Shinoaki’s feels like the anime’s first choice, however, for me, Nanako is my first choice.

Okay now back to what I thought about the anime. Something I did find interesting to learn was that both Tsurayuki and Kyouya aren’t interested in the girls. Tsurayuki more so than Kyouya for obvious reasons. Despite having a love triangle and what looks to be real affection towards Shinoaki, Kyouya telling Kawasegawa that he liked them equally; really did it in for me. Could he be lying through his teeth? Probably, I mean he’s already kissed Shinoaki twice so there’s that. I’m curious as to how he’ll (Kyouya) settle this predicament he is in after the game is finished unless something blows up before then which I hope doesn’t. It would suck if something happens to the game after all the time they put into it.

Now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, let me tell you about something I didn’t like so much and that’s Sayuri Jisshoji. I am not too sure if I liked her role. Sayuri was that extremely annoying and very affectionate ‘fiancé’. A worthy comparison would be Raku and Marika from Nisekoi, Marika being Sayuri in this instance. Personally, I found her to be pretty annoying and useless. Other than being a one episode distraction, I am not sure what else she was good for. Sayuri felt like one of those bridge characters, who was supposed to help with the overall story but ended up losing themselves along the way. The only thing that I found interesting about Sayuri was when she was asking Kyouya if he and Tsurayuki were in an adult relationship because of how close they.

That’s enough of that. Overall, episode seven felt very quick, it felt like nothing really happened to be completely honest. I’m not sure whether or not I really liked this episode. I think this episode deserves a 6/10.