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Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. | Episode 8 Review

Ah, now I get it. It took awhile to figure out what role Alicia was playing throughout these past three or so episodes. It does bother me quite a bit that it took so long for us to get to this conclusion, in my opinion it should have happened a lot sooner and should have been a lot more elaborate instead of it happening all at the end of the episode. Then again, I am surprised with regards to the general pacing of the anime because it’s been pretty god awful to be frank. Since we’ve been on the same mission for three episodes now (probably more), and most of the three episodes were taken up by this Alicia character and Kimi’s growing friendship with her. To be completely honest, it did feel like we (the anime) forgot what it was supposed to be doing and threw in this loli character for a few episodes while they (the studio) decided on what to do. To which I am not a fan.

All that being said, something I did find amusing was that it feels as though Kimi as a better relationship with Alicia than Siesta. This was something I thought was extremely interesting because while Siesta had her gun against the head of Alicia, Kimi had his pointed at Siesta.

Episode eight does not answer the following question though, “Who is Alicia?”. If anything, she (whatever she is) feels like a pawn in the greater mystery and in that regard I do feel bad for her. The ending was probably one of the more emotional moments I’ve seen and was definitely one of the sadder moments of the anime for sure. Hearing Alicia wish that the person they (Siesta and Kimi) were investigating wasn’t her, she hoped that it was someone else. May just be me, but you could also get the sense that she didn’t want to be the cause for all those people’s death, she didn’t want to be the bad person. Hanging out with Kimi and Siesta made her realize that she wanted to be happy and good, and Alicia treasured those moments knowing full well that it wouldn’t last.

This scene was extremely well done because you felt the emotions of both Kimi and Alicia, you could feel the heartbreak in both of their voices and that’s what struck me the most. It’s weird that the last five minutes of this episode showed more emotion than all the previous episodes combined. It’s a little backwards and a little frustrating but atleast the emotion is there when it counts. I really do hope that Alicia is just a pawn of the SPES and can be saved by Kimi and Siesta. Even though I found Alicia pretty annoying and pointless at times throughout the episode, those last five minutes, the friendship building with Kimi, and her character’s ability to have the sidekick turn on their boss out of emotion; is excellent.

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like I have an episode that I genuinely enjoyed and that’s a plus. 7/10, B.

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