Shiroi Suna no Aquatope | Episode 7 Review

I wonder how committed the grandfather is to the plan set by his granddaughter to keep the aquarium from closing. He seems like someone who has long accepted the fact that the aquarium is going to be closing down and doesn’t consider the attempts by Kukuru as ones that will prevent that from happening. That’s the vibe the grandfather gives me and I mean according to the calendar shown towards the beginning of the episode, it doesn’t look like they have much time left to prevent the closure; I think they only have less than a month to get it done. Which means the task set out by Kukuru has become extremely ambitious.

But then the question becomes, if the aquarium does close and everything Fuuka and Kukuru has done up until this point has been in vein. Then what fills the rest of the episodes? In my opinion this is one of the failings of Shiroi Suna no Aquatope. It fails to present another dimension, it doesn’t present another direction for the story to go down. We’ve spent all this time and effort focused on one setting (the aquarium), that the story hasn’t lent itself to anything less.

Should the aquarium follow through and close at the end of the month, what would come next? Everyone has dedicated so much of the time to keep Kukuru’s dream alive. However, should her dream ultimately end in failure then what will they all do? I assume they’ll all go about their lives but then the story itself would feel directionless and empty. A huge element of the anime would have been thrown away. What then happens to Fuuka? Her new found mission in her life was to help Kukuru achieve her dreams, something that she couldn’t. Should the aquarium close Fuuka would then be left purposeless again and would be wondering around aimlessly like at the beginning of the anime. Episode seven has certainly left more questions marks than it did answers.

It also didn’t help that the episode itself (apart from the conversation of Gama Gama closing), had nothing in terms of entertainment value. Beach scenes in anime is the one thing I’ve grown tired of, nothing about it appeals to me anymore, more often than not it acts as a filler because it offers nothing to the overall story. While this scene was a little different because it kind of kept the topic of the Gama Gama closing floating around, but other than that, it was meh.

The only point of interest was Kuuya Yakamashi who was only given roughly 5 – 10 minutes. Although it was very brief, he reminds me a lot of Ishigami because their previous lives are similar. Kuuya Yakamashi‘s high school trauma being similar to Ishigami‘s middle school trauma. Not to mention their personalities are almost identical minus the comedic aspect of course.

Again, episode seven was an okay episode. Nothing really stuck out at me and I didn’t really find the episode to be all that entertaining. 5/10 C.



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