Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 8 Review

Once again the animation of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S comes through in a big way during episode eight. I particularly loved the fact within the opening ten minutes, we got to see something different regarding the animation. We get to see the interactions of our characters happen through a game. There you are watching the scene between Shouta and Takiya in one of those pixel games, through the screen of which the game is being played on and to me I thought that was epic.

Episode eight wasn’t just about the animation for me, it was the character development. Which as you know, is something I’ve mentioned multiple times and I will continue to bring up because it’s just so good. As our dragons grow more human-like in nature, they’re start to exhibit emotions that are more associated with the human race.

Although we already know that Tooru is an individual who will do anything and everything for Kobayashi. This episode I think we saw her more worried for Kobayashi and the fever she was enduring. Tooru’s determination to help Kobayashi overcome her fever, even going to extreme lengths like going to the ‘other world’ to pick up medicine for Kobayashi; was something I do not think would have happened in the earlier episodes and first season. Now I could be wrong regarding that, however, in episode eight in particular, Tooru felt a lot more panicked and worried than ever before, which are emotions Tooru never really shown off because she’s always quite the opposite.

The same can be said about Ilulu. As the episodes progressed we’ve seen her become human-like. More often than not we see her wanting to experience the same joys and happiness she experienced during her youth before all the bad happened. We see her playing with Kanna and everyone around Kanna’s age and genuinely enjoying it all. Whether intentional or not, Ilulu teasing Taketo Aida is something I personally enjoy because nothing about it feels forced. Ilulu’s scene where she was so determined to find the owner of the doll, I thought was one the most wholesome scenes of the anime. This is because Ilulu knew how important this doll would have been to its owner and she (Ilulu) was able to make a connection to her childhood. Ilulu explaining why she had to return the doll to its owner and how much it meant to her I thought was really nice and very wholesome. I personally, really liked that scene in particular. It was definitely one of my favourites.

My second favourite scene from episode eight was as a result of the medicine Tooru had given her, a side effer was that Kobayashi would turn into a person who had cat features and tendencies. Why did I like this scene in particular? Because similar to how Kobayashi ‘domesticated’ Kanna with food during the first season. In a way Kanna was getting her revenge on Kobayashi by using Kobayashi’s cat-like instincts against her. This time, it was Kobayashi’s turn to be treated as the ‘pet’. I thought that was very funny and extremely entertaining.



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