5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ | Episodes 5 and 6 Review⁠

Episode Five

I liked episode five because it expanded a little bit on the whole Futaro quitting thing. It was nice to see what he talked to the five sister’s father about. It definitely gave me Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou vibes in the way that Yoshida calls out Sayu’s mother for being a crap mother, compared to Futaro calling out the quintuplet’s father for being a crap father. On the real, the dude looks like a shark. I just thought I’d put that out there.

The father of the quintuplets, Maruo Nakano, is a fascinating character. He certainly is the antagonist of the series. Everything about him is very mysterious, just with how he talks and the pull he has (Referring to him having already made arrangements to have the girls transfer to another school, should they fail another exam). Not too sure why he hates Futaro so much, though. Maybe it’s because Maruo is a studious and knowledgeable person (considering that he’s a doctor), so maybe seeing his daughters constantly fail in school is really irking him in that regard. He seems to be a parent whose expectations do not fit reality as it stands. Maybe Maruo expects his daughters to be as academically inclined as him. Or perhaps he genuinely wants the best future for his daughters and is pushing to have them pass high school through any means necessary. No better way than demanding they return home and that he’ll allow someone they care about (Futaro) back so long as he serves as a tutoring assistant rather than the tutor.

Itsuki is also starting to grow on me. I outright loved her character in this episode. Like Ichika, Itsuki very much feels like a mother figure character. They’re both doing what they think is best for their sisters and will do everything they can possibly do to make their sisters happy. I love that about these two characters. You can feel power and independence radiate off them. They are steadfast in their resolve, and I like that.

Episode Six

Episode Six should be called “The episode where Exams are an everyday thing.” This is definitely a school anime! What I find funny about this episode and this series, in particular, is that I am almost sure that we’ve seen more exam periods in the 5-toubun no Hanayome than we do in most other “School” anime. Talk about staying ‘realistic’ to a point. What stuck out most about episode six was how much each of the five sisters has grown and matured. In particular, I love how they are taking a collective approach instead of an individualistic approach. They are not doing what’s simply best for them, they’re doing what’s best for each other, and I just love that. There were a lot of heartfelt moments between the sisters.

Like the sister, Futaro has evolved and matured a lot too. Although helping his family pay off their debt is still his main priority, it has slowly become less of a focus for him. Futaro’s focus has been on putting the needs and feelings of the quintuplets over his own, and I like that very much. He’s a lot more caring and understanding of the sisters and wants to do everything possible to support them, but academically but also as a family that sticks together. Futaro instills something the sisters did not have previously, and that’s someone who trusts and believes in them. In a way, he feels like a ‘father’ figure because Futaro has all these characteristics that make him likable. He’s understanding, cares and trusts each of the sisters. However, he is not afraid to be upfront and blunt with them; Futaro isn’t scared to share his thoughts. Which is something I think everyone needs in a friend. Someone who isn’t afraid to tell what you do and don’t want to hear while being honest about it.

Final Thoughts

Episodes five and six, in my opinion, have been excellent. You can tell that our characters have grown and matured. Each one of the characters genuinely cares for one another and trusts each other to a point. On the real, while I know that 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ is a harem, it doesn’t feel like that, however. Episodes five and six felt more like a romance, and I AM ALL FOR IT. I personally think that episodes five and six were exceptionally well done from a narrative standpoint. I also think that the comedic moments that were scattered throughout both episodes were pretty funny too. Generally, after what I experienced during the previous four episodes, episodes five and six make up for it. Great episodes. 9/10 A+.



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