5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ | Episode 7 and 8 Review

Okay so I will admit, the second half of 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ is actually so good. Episodes seven and eight were just so wholesome and genuine. I found myself deeply enjoying both episodes, however, I did enjoy episode eight than I did episode seven simply because episode eight felt a lot more emotional.

Episodes seven and eight were episodes where each of the four out of the five girls express their feelings towards Futaro to each other. We all already knew that Itsuki liked him, because she’s a lot more open with him than ever before. Nino took awhile, but now she’s hellbent on properly expressing her affection towards Futaro face-to-face, in a more meaningful way. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember seeing a Yotsuba’s acknowledgement of her own feelings just yet. Which is why I mentioned four out of the five. I may have to go back and re-watch just to make sure. But since I’m writing this blog immediately after watching both episode I cannot stop, I must get my thoughts down before they vanish.

The two characters I liked most in both episodes were Ichika and Miku. In many ways they are very similar, but also very different. Ichika has been very reluctant regarding her own feelings towards Futaro. I believe this has to do with the whole ‘big sister’ responsibility she gave herself. Ichika has actively denied her feelings for Futaro because she cherishes her sister’s happiness over hers. In episode eight Ichika was both selfless and selfish, she wanted the best for her sisters, even if that meant letting their affection come first. However Ichika is also selfish because even though she’s suppressing her own feelings for Futaro, she also doesn’t want to lose to her sisters, she doesn’t want Futaro to be theirs. That inner conflict that she has through both episodes was something I personally really enjoyed. Yotsuba was vital in Ichika finally accepting her feelings for Futaro, whether or not Yotsuba was aware.

Miku was also one of the highlights of both episodes because you could see how much Futaro means to her. Throughout the episodes, we saw Mikua slowly inch her way closer and closer to him. All those tiny steps culminated in episode eight. Although we do not get a face-to-face confession by Miku (something we’ll gradually get to eventually), something we go get it Futaro finally being able to tell Miku apart from the other sisters. Which seems like a pretty normal thing, however to Miku, it meant the world. While I still do not entirely understand the true meaning behind that scene, I’m pretty certain that Miku is the first out of the five where Futaro can tell who she is. (I could also be wrong about this, because he’s able to tell Yotsuba out almost immediately, neither here nor there).

I also think that Miku is the first of the five to hug Futaro as well and considering that Futaro let it happen, I think showed that Futaro understood how much him telling Miku apart meant to her. That moment of embrace, followed by the ED being played over the scene, really made everything feel genuine and very wholesome. Which is something I love because I am a sucker for things like that.

Overall both episodes are worthy of a 9/10, A, in my book. It makes me optimistic that the ending of the second season will be a very good one.