Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 8 Review

I am not going to lie. The more I watch Bokutachi no Remake, the more it reminds me of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata because we’re doubling down on the whole game development aspect of things which was the primary basis for Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.

There is something that I’ve grown to dislike about Bokutachi no Remake in general, and that’s this blind trust for Kyouya. To me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Especially if I was in Tsurayuki’s position where this game is being made to help me (Tsurayuki) pay for tuition. I would have questioned everything, the decisions made, the direction etc. Tsurayuki continues at the art college, and his tuition is solely reliant on the game’s success. I wouldn’t go about blindly trusting and putting all my faith in Kyouya without seeing something tangible.

So with regards to the episode, on the real, the episode was okay. However, I didn’t fully understand Tsurayuki’s reason for wanting to drop out of school. He mentioned how he couldn’t rise and be the same person as Kyouya, but I do not think that meant that because of that, he had to drop out. If he indeed was an ambitious person, like he was at the beginning of the anime, then he would have worked his tail off to equal Kyouya and surpass him. However, the Tsurayuki we see in this scene was far from the person we saw at the beginning of the anime. I did see that coming, though, because, like I said, you don’t just blindly trust people; there had to be a reason.

Furthermore, considering that Kyouya has now indirectly tampered with the future. We don’t know what becomes of Tsurayuki. Since he dropped out, that means in this timeline, we see at the end of the episode he most likely isn’t part of the “Platinum Generation.” Kyouya is also married to Shinoaki and has a child with her. However, we do not know if she is part of the “Platinum Generation” because while Shinoaki and Tsurayuki are two different people, they shared one thing. The one thing that they both shared in this episode was that they both openly admitted to Kyouya that they would support him and his endeavours. They would support his future. So could that mean as a result of them committing to that support role, their new future selves wouldn’t be part of the “Platinum Generation”? I think that is very likely and will be something that will play out in the next episode.

There are still four episodes to go. I assume that Kyouya will do everything in his power to change what he did and not ruin the futures of both Shinoaki and Tsurayuki as part of the “Platinum Generation.” However, that would mean to revert what he’s already destroyed. Kyouya would have to not meet any of them (Shinoaki, Tsurayuki, Nanako, and Kawasegawa) in the first place. This could also mean that Kyouya’s life would be similar to what he had experienced previously, and most importantly, he would be losing the friendships he made.

In that regard, it has gotten fascinating. I’ve always had a hunch that Keiko knew about Kyouya’s ‘time travel.’ Keiko is both supportive of Kyouya. However, she was also so willing to just let Kyouya change the future without a care in the world; very evil of her. Anyway, I’m looking forward to what comes next. I wonder what route Kyouya will take.