Shiroi Suna no Aquatope | Episode 8 Review

Episode eight is the episode where you make every promise in the world, and that’s something I do not mind. I feel like with every passing episode, I see these characters make promises to others who also treasure the Gama Gama and want to see the aquarium continue. So episode eight, by far, has been one of the more wholesome episodes related to that.

As many of you already know. I’m always for those emotional moments, those moments that make you smile because it’s something beautiful. Airi-chan’s promise to Umi-yan that she’ll become stronger so that she’ll be able to revisit Gama Gama really warmed my heart. I love those types of things. Umi-yan is that old and wise person that every slice of life anime seems to have. I think it suits his character very well because he looks like a very likeable person.

After watching episode eight, I cannot help but think that maybe the Gama Gama won’t actually close and that it’ll remain open. The reason why I believe this is because you cannot go around making promises to people that you’ll (Kukuru) will manage to keep the Gama Gama from closure and not follow through on those promises. Not to mention that everyone else who is helping her along the way has also promised to keep the Gama Gama open. With all these promises being made, there is only one option, especially after Airi-chan’s commitment to Umi-yan, the Gama Gama must find a way to stay open. If you’re also watching Shiroi Suna no Aquatope, then I think you’re with me when I say that we’re all have grown to like the Gama Gama. Like everyone in the anime, we, too, would like to see the Gama Gama remain open.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would love it if the episodes were more like episode eight. Even though there wasn’t much that happened throughout the episode, the one thing that kept me hooked was watching Kukuru take this mission to heart. Watching her determination and strength as she faces a task that seems impossible is something I do admire. Sprinkle in a little bit of that wholesomeness like the scene between Airi-chan and Umi-yan, as well as Kukuru and Karin Kudaka, and that’s something I can certainly rally behind. Will I get what I want? Probably not. But I do think that Kukuru’s character will grow stronger over time. If the Gama Gama does end up closing in the coming episodes, it’ll be interesting to see how Kukuru’s character evolves.

Anyway, episode eight was a good episode. 7/10, B.