Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 9 Review

It’s another Elma, and you know what? I’m okay with that. I’ve grown to love Elma over the second season. Weirdly I think she’s the most relatable dragon, especially with regards to this episode. Not only is she someone who just loves eating food, but she’s an advocate for better working conditions at her work. In my opinion, she’s everything I embody. Elma is my spirit dragon for sure.

I liked episode nine a lot because we got to see all the different sides of Elma. Elma’s love for food, burning desire for a better working environment, and most importantly, her sisterly relationship with Tooru. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an episode with Tooru and Elma, and I do not think it’ll be the last one. While the previous episode had Elma and Tooru as its point of interest, it only focused on their past lives in their world.

Episode nine, I think, focused on their ‘sisterly’ connection. I’m convinced that they’re sisters from another mister, seriously. Because of this connection, it resulted in one of the better action scenes I’ve seen this season and one that is exceptionally well-animated at that. Since the first and second episodes of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S, I’ve been saying that we need to see more of this animation. So finally, three episodes from the end, we got to see a little more of that epic animation. Furthermore, to think that this epic fight scene only came about because Elma missed hanging out with Tooru and the time they shared together alone like they did in their world. I thought it was kind of sweet.

“I miss being able to hang out with you. If I beat you in a duel, you must go back to the other world with me. So we can hang out”. For me, that was the summary of the reason why Elma decided to duel Tooru. If this is the only way to see this sort of animation that I am down, give me more. Let’s have more disagreements solved through duels. Let’s convey our feelings as we fight to the death with our godly powers. Without a doubt, the action sequence was the most exciting and entertaining thing in episode nine for me.

It’s a shame really that we’re near the end of the anime. Episode nine has been like all the previous episodes, simply entertaining. I also like the route we’ve taken over the past few episodes, where each conversation held among the characters felt personal. Although these characters are mystical and fantasy in nature, the viewer’s connection with them is tough to describe. For example, it feels like we know Elma personally after episode nine and the one episode where it was just Tooru and Elma. Not to mention we’ve seen Ilulu develop into someone who cares a lot more than she did in the first episode. The same can be said about Tooru, Kanna and Kobayashi. When you think of character development, you’ll think Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S.

I would love a little glimpse of the past for all the characters. That is something I would like to see over the remaining episodes. Kanna and Tooru are characters we’ve seen grow throughout two seasons now, but we don’t really get a glimpse into their past lives in their world, and I think that would be worth seeing. The same goes for all the other dragons too, I think it would definitely be worth it. Anyway, enough of that. Episode nine was really well done, 8/10, A.



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