5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ | Episode 11 and 12 Review

I wonder why the first and second seasons had their ending episodes be one arc split into two or more episodes. That’s something I noticed straight way once I saw that “Part 1” attached to episode eleven. So what did I think about both episodes?

To be completely honest, not sure how I truly feel at the moment. Since I am writing this blog (as I do with every episode review) immediately after watching both episodes. It’s going to take me a little bit before I can decide for myself, however, there is one thing I can be certain about and that is that episode eleven was a little more dramatic than episode twelve. Personally, I think the drama was a little bit unnecessary and kind of spur of the moment. Ichika definitely went a little too far in wanting to be the one that won Futaro over. It definitely was a little scummy in my opinion, but hey, it’s fair play when it comes to love (I guess).

I especially felt bad for Miku, she definitely won me over these past few episodes. She goes from someone who thought she had no chance, someone who didn’t believe in herself in episode eleven to someone who by the end of episode twelve was full of confidence and vigor.

In short, episodes eleven and twelve sum up what 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬ has been all about. Five sisters who not only want what’s best for themselves as individuals, but for their sisters. It’s is because of this love for one another, that even their desire to make Futaro fall in love with them comes second. That being said, both episodes in my opinion felt all over the place.

Episodes eleven and twelve despite all the good that came out of it, had thing I had issues with. Yes, the topic was still Futaro, however, the constant bouncing around between the sisters as they explained their own problems was kind of annoying to me. The constant bouncing around made both episodes feel choppy and messy. A natural flow wasn’t established and it’s because of that, both episodes felt a little off to me. Something else I didn’t like about both episodes was this unnecessary drama. I do not think it really accomplished anything, the only conflict that I thought was needed was between Miku and Nino because it helped advance Miku’s character. Other than that, everything else was kind of meh. Especially when Itsuki kept mentioning to Yotsuba “Why don’t you tell Futaro that you were the one who met him?” Like I get it, she was the person who met Futaro. But it isn’t in Yotstuba’s nature to be selfish, like I’ve mentioned Yotsuba throughout the series has probably been the most selfless person. So Itsuki constantly asking her was not my cup of tea.

Overall, did I like how the second season ended? Not really, I mean it was okay. Episodes eleven and twelve leave me with this empty feeling, it just wasn’t satisfying. In that respect, I’ll rate both episodes a 7/10, B-. I expected a little better of an ending to what has been a pretty good second season, but alas I didn’t get it and I’ll have to live with that. At least I know that there will be a third season which will air next year, so there’s that to look forward to.