Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 9 Review

Woah, now this is some next-level mind trip. Imagine not going back to your previous timeline of 2016, and instead, you go to the year 2018. There you wake up having already lived a drastically different life than the one you had already experienced in 2016, instead of losing your job and going back home to live with your parents. You’re married to Shinoaki, have a child with her, and you (Kyouya) have a stable job. However, that being said, the pictures that would have been drawn by Shinoaki in the 2016 timeline are drawn by someone else in the 2018 timeline.

Now I will admit, I did see episode nine coming. I mean, everyone knows if you alter the past, you ultimately will be changing the future, which Kyouya has now experienced and has become the very thing he hates. So you can tell immediately while Kyouya was happy with the life he now had, it was a future that he was only happy with.

Kyouya understood that straight away that his own happiness, his own greed to change his life had the adverse effect of negatively impacting the futures lives of Nanako, Shinoaki, Tsurayuki, and Kawasegawa. So now, under the assumption that you can jump back and forth in the timeline, I bet five dollars that Kyouya will be going back in time to undo everything he has done.

This also means I expect there to be a sad ending because when it’s all said and done, for the people he cherishes to reach their full potentials as part of the Platinum Generation or, in Kawasegawa’s case, someone who works with them. So Kyouya has to sacrifice his own future and his own dreams for theirs. Which I think will be gearing us up for a lot of heartbreak because, like I mentioned in the previous blog. So for Kyouya to not affect the future, I do not think he’ll be involved with Nanako, Shinoaki, Tsurayuki, and Kawasegawa in their formative years at the University.

He’s going to have to watch from a distance as they develop into what would be their future selves, while he (Kyouya) redoes post-secondary all by his lonesome. Which I assume will be something very hard for Kyouya to accept but will be something he’ll have to live with because if he wants his friends to succeed, he will have to let them do it on their own. This could possibly mean that Kyouya in this following timeline may not actually be friends with any one of them, AND THERE WON’T BE THE CUTE MAKI. That’s probably the saddest part.

All these different timelines make me feel like we’re watching the multiverse playout in Bokutachi no Remake. A less dramatic, dark and more playful version of Steins;Gate. All that being said, I am excited about what comes next. I wonder how Kyouya will change the past, and I also wonder if he’ll be able to keep the friendships he had made in his post-secondary life and what he has (his daughter) in the future but in a different timeline. 8/10, B.



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