Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 10 Review

To put it simply, episode ten was laid back. A whole episode where Kanna was the main focus and you know what, it worked extremely well. As someone who loves the character, this was an episode I welcomed with open arms.

But anyway, the biggest thing I took away from watching the episode was that, as I’ve mentioned, it’s extremely laid back. Watching Kanna explore, being fascinated by simple things like manhole covers, all while also being able to proper articulate human emotion and right from wrong; made the episode something special. For example, the moment Chloe and Kanna had after Kanna had saved her from her kidnappers, I thought was very sweet. Who would have thought the child of the anime would also a wise ol’ dragon?

When Kanna told Chloe, that yes she was scared but she was “…even more scared of not having a home” and “If they’re always there for you, even when you’re mad and when you say you hate them. Then it’ll be okay”. I couldn’t help but smile and go “awh”. It was a scene that I thought was very heartfelt and was a scene that I thought held a lot of truth in what was said. Then there’s Tooru, who followed Kanna all around New York playing “Where’s Waldo” which to me was extremely funny for some reason.

There were a few scenes throughout the episode that I enjoyed. The first one being when her and Kobayashi got into a fight and Kanna cussed Kobayashi out in the cutest way possible. The second being when she casually flicks her pinky at Chloe’s kidnappers. Seeing her act all casual about it was something I thought was really funny. You have Saitama and his one punch, then you have Kanna with her pinky flick. Lastly, the whole scene where we see Kobayashi and Kanna spending the whole day together. I loved that scene purely because of how wholesome it was. We all knew that Kanna viewed Kobayashi as her parent, episode ten just reinforced that fact.

It’s sad to think that we’re only two episodes away from the end. My wish for the remaining two episode is that we keep the same sort of vibes of episode ten. I really enjoy these feel good moments and I think that’s how the second season of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon should be capped off. But then again, for a Slice of Life the action scenes have been better in terms of animation and actual fighting than a lot of the action anime this year, so a part of me wants to see the second season end in a bang.

Anyway this was another great episode. 8/10, A.



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