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The memories! “Kakushigoto Movie” was largely a compilation of the series that aired during Spring 2020. I forgot how beautiful the story was and how emotional it had got towards the end. That as I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but smile at all the beautiful father-daughter moments that scattered the series. All the scenes that were genuine, warm and inviting, it brought back a lot of very good memories. Re-watching the the latter half of Kakushigoto (TV) still proves to be extremely emotional for me. I will not lie I could feel the tears forming as I re-watched Hime’s pain when Goto couldn’t remember her. The pain she felt, when she thought that drawing was what made him happiest, only for Goto to tell her daughter that the only thing that’ll made him happy is if Hime grows up big and strong. When that part replayed, I immediately thought “This is it, waterworks in bound”.

That scene when Goto regains his memories and realizes that the ten-year old Hime, was the now eighteen-year old standing infront of him. It honestly have me goosebumps, that scene in particular was extremely powerful.

However, if you were like me and was expecting something different. Then bad news, this is not the case and in that respect it is a little disappointing. As is with movies, you always expect them to contain something different; especially when we’re talking about anime movies. Usually compilations that re-tell the events of an anime are done through specials or through an actual episode part of the series. For example, Wonder Egg Priority. One of the episodes, I want to say episode seven was a recap of everything up until that point. There are also several instances where specials are used to recap anime, 3-Gatsu no Lion has a special recapping the events of episode eleven.

So while I was a little disappointed in that respect, the movie itself wasn’t entirely for the purposes of recapping the anime. It did offer valuable information regarding Hime’s mother. Which was something that wasn’t featured in anyone of the episodes. We saw that prior to her death, Hime’s mother started experiencing a form of colour blindness. For an artist was the worst thing imaginable because not only will you eventually lose your ability to see colour, but to see the world.

I cannot imagine what what all that would have felt like for her. It only makes the death of Hime’s mother more heart wrenching and painful because she was suffering from a growing inability to see colour, but wanted to see that blue she saw with the three of them (Herself, Goto and Hime). She wanted to revisit a place where she had her fondness memory before colour was to be taken from the site Hime’s mother held dear to her heart. Only to have her pass during a storm as Hime’s mother went by boat to visit that place.

To me, hearing and watching that scene unfold was extremely emotional. It added an extra layer of emotion and connection to Hime’s mother. I love that this little piece of valuable information was given to us in the movie, however, it would have been great if it was in the anime when it aired. I think it would have made the second half of Kakushigoto (TV) a lot more emotional than it already was. But I cannot complain, we got to learn a little bit more about Hime’s mother and more importantly, we were able to see the events leading up to her death.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. The rush of memories that filled my consciousness was something I really enjoyed. I remember why I love Kakushigoto (TV) so much. The feelings I experienced as it aired back in 2020 are the same as they are now watching the movie in 2021. I definitely recommend the movie, even if it’s a recap movie. The details about Hime’s mother makes it worth watching. Furthermore, getting to see a still image of the three of them together at the very end brought smile to my face. Even though Hime’s mother won’t be there to experience life with Goto and Hime, knowing that they’ll always be a family of three pulls at my heartstrings and gets me all emotional. 8/10 A.


    1. Kakushigoto, is an anime that saves it’s best for last. While its ending isn’t as emotional as Anohana, or EF: a tale of melodies (endings I cannot see again because I get too emotional and start crying). It’s certainly up there for sure.

      1. “Your Lie In April” shut me down for an entire day. Even something like “Kimi no Todoke” left me weeping and it isn’t a sad anime. It just hit some notes that were sad on a personal basis that I hadn’t heard in 50 years.

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