Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 10 Review

Now this was something I didn’t expect. I thought Kyouya was going to go through hell and back in order to revert everything he had done in the past. Instead, like he did ten years prior he is going to make the best of the situation presented to himself.

As expected by the anime’s own ‘Bob the builder’, who can fix anything and everything. Something I do see happening however is that, Kyouya will somehow convince everyone, (Shinoaki, Nanako and Tsurayuki) to help him out and the company that he currently works for. Given that it’s Kyouya we’re talking about, he’s the only one who can make it happen and I’m sure that this will indeed happen because everything goes Kyouya’s way… eventually.

Is that something I would like to see? Sure, I mean it’s the least Kyouya can do since he outright robbed the trio of their future success. As he was the one who directly impacted them, it’s only right that he helps them rekindle their passions in some fashion. I assume he’ll do so by asking them to help him out, but it could be another way that I haven’t yet seen.

As for the episode, I will admit, it was an okay episode. Everything about episode ten, regarding the logistics and problems associated with game development and its staff was something I watched in anime. So in that regard, nothing special really stuck out at me. I don’t know why but I feel like from episode six onwards, everything has been pretty ordinary. You can definitely tell where the inspiration has come from and you can point out many similarities between Bokutachi no Remake and other anime; which isn’t really something I’ve come to enjoy. If I wanted to see logistical troubles, or the in’s and out’s of production then I would watch Shirobako.

Episode ten was an episode where a whole lot of nothing happened, all that happened really was that we watched Kyouya slowly adjust and come familiar with the live he now currently has. Now that he had overcome the shock and guilt of knowing that he changed the lives of the ‘Platinum Generation’ forever, we see him starting to become his old self, the ‘We can fix anything, we’ll find a way’. it’ll be interesting to see how the story plans to use Shinoaki, Nanako and Tsurayuki in the final two episodes. I’m hoping for a strong finish. But yeah, 6/10, C. Episode ten needs improvement for sure.



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