Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. | Episode 11 Review

Episode eleven contained a little bit of irony that I found pretty funny. We have Chameleon say “Well now, that’s enough talk” then proceeds to continue talking. Then we have Kimi who rebuttals with “You talk too much!” which is ironic because apart from Chameleon, Kimi did the most talking throughout episode eleven. It seems as though the characters of the anime do not like too much talking, but little do they know that they’re part of the problem.

So what did I think about episode eleven. Well there were many things about the episode that didn’t really make sense to me. For example, Chameleon is probably the worst villain I’ve ever seen. I mean, what kind of villain who can turn invisible stand still while oil is spilled all around him? Wouldn’t you atleast try to stand out and away from the oil spill? Like avoid it at all costs? Furthermore, Kimi had many chances to kill Chameleon but instead of dealing the final blow, he shoots Chameleon’s tail-like thing to extend the scene with every intention to bring in more characters, in particular Siesta.

Now the whole scene with Siesta was something very interesting but also very confusing. They do say, that one’s emotions and whole being is stored within that person’s heart. However watching it play out as such was actually really weird. Once Hel took Siesta’s heart for her own, watching her consciousness be suppressed only for Siesta’s to take temporary control over the body was… unexpected. Could it be that this “Legendary Detective’s Heart” is what gave Siesta her abilities? Not only was Siesta able to temporarily takeover Hel’s body, but somehow, some way, Hel’s eye colour changed to that of her own. The same thing happened to Nagisa Natsunagi, or should I say Siesta. Because like Hel, Siesta temporarily commandeered Nagisa’s body to save Kimi.

Episode eleven has left a lot of questions. Apart from the whole Siesta ordeal, who really is Yui Saikawa? Since this trip only happened because of her, I think that’s a worth question. I have a feeling that she’s Alicia. Why do I think that? Not a clue. Given that we never found out what happened to Alicia, I assume she met a similar fate to Siesta. Or alternatively, since Hel was a creation of the pain felt by Alicia, could Yui Saikawa be a creation of the joy felt by Alicia? Who knows.

It’s very annoying honestly. There’s only one episode left and there are still a ton of questions that have yet to be answered. I have a feeling like every episodes one through eleven, it’ll be yet another episode with heavy dialogue. I don’t know what to expect for the final episode, so I guess that’s a good thing. Something I do know though is that the anime cannot get any worse (I hope).