Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 11 Review

Yes. Now this is what I call a great episode. Something I’ve always asked for was to know more about the pasts of our characters and today I got to learn a lot about Tooru. Never would I have ever imagined that in her world, there has been a war that has been raging on for a long time. A lot of what Tooru’s father said made a lot of sense, while at first all the Dragons were united in their quest to live freely. As the war dragged on that same fire began to fade and many dragons started to doubt, many even quit fighting because they didn’t see a point anymore.

It’s because of this, that factions were made and a war that originally started on the basis of freedom (where everyone was united) became one where infighting was common and sides were drawn. Enter a cute dragon Tooru who was born into the chaos faction. What was interesting about this scene in particular was that I thought Tooru’s father had always been an iffy person, he seemed as someone who disliked change and would be one who’d result to violence to achieve his goals. Despite this tough exterior, the way he thought was the complete opposite. Understanding the circumstances that Tooru was born into, he wanted her to think freely and to come to her own conclusions. Tooru’s resolve ultimately led to her wanting to live freely and to stop the violence and war in her world.

To see Tooru in her formative years question everything and the motives of other dragons and such. I thought was really cool, you could tell that she was different from all the other dragons. Everyone wanted the war to end but on their terms, Tooru saw a never ending cycle of war and took it upon herself to end it once and for all. This backstory given to us during the episode was like episodes one, two and three of Star Wars, with episodes four, five and six being the first and second seasons of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Everything about it just worked extremely well and provided a lot of information on Tooru and of the world that she and the other dragons came from. With episode eleven KyoAni shows everyone why they’re the best when it comes to storytelling, that’s for sure.

Enough of that. I will also quickly say, small Tooru and even smaller Kanna are so cute. Especially when Kanna said “I want attention” with her sad face, you couldn’t help but want to give her a hug; I literally melted.

Great episode, 9/10, A.



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