Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki | Episode 5 and 6 Review

You see I knew that they would eventually introduce the harem aspect of things. Polygamy ah yes, in this world, it’s okay to have multiple wives and Liscia is okay with that.

The biggest takeaway from both episodes was that everything about them felt highly political. Three dukedoms that either side with the King, or can all work together to depose him. It sounds like something out of the middle ages, in particular, it sounds very Holy Roman Empire-esk and how that system was structured. This all comes with the territory of being the King of the country though, you’re always having to perform a juggling act to appease all parties or they’ll remove you. This is something that Kazuya is experiencing first hand.

Especially with the information that was dished out during episode six, with the dukedoms, and in particular Duke Carmine. Who is looking to start a civil war against Kazuya for whatever reason. It sets the stage for what could be very interesting and action filled episodes. Should there be a war that our characters have be involved in.

In my opinion, although both episodes felt highly political in nature. You could definitely tell that the story is trying to push the relationship between Liscia and Kazuya forward. After all, at this is a harem, there will always be one pairing that the story prefers most and will make it a habit on ensuring everyone knows that this is the couple. In this case it’s Liscia and Kazuya which I don’t mind. I will admit, I do like the two of them together, they also give me Kirito and Asuna vibes.

Kazuya has been a character that I’ve been really enjoying, he’s someone who is very passionate but also laid back. He’s also someone who is really good at playing politics and understands that he cannot know all the things nor can he make decisions on his own and therefore supports those who can and surrounds himself with people who are better than him in different aspects. His ability to manipulate through speech is something that also fascinates me. He was very calm but extremely assertive when he was speaking to Halbert. That was a moment I really liked.

Overall episodes five and six were decent episodes, 7/10, B.