Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 11 Review

The end is near. One more episode remains before Bokutachi no Remake and all the other anime that aired during the Summer 2021 season come to a close. Overall, I think this season has been pretty weak in terms of watchable anime, but that’s my opinion. What were my thoughts on the eleventh episode of Bokutachi no Remake? Allow me to share them with you.

Personally, I found it funny that Kyouya was able to override his boss in every way possible. If only we could do that in real life then it would make it a lot easier, that’s for sure. You’ve got to hand it to Kyouya though, he’s the Leader, PR head, HR head; basically Kyouya runs the company that he currently works for. Which is highly unrealistic, of course. I just find it funny that Kyouya resorted to this all because the game that the President forced through Kawasegawa did absolutely god awful. The “No Man Sky” or “Cyberpunk 2077” of anime is what this scene implied.

I will also admit that the conclusion that I had come up with in my last blog was wrong. Instead, Kyouya ended up fixing everything by himself and without the help of others (as per usual). This actually played right into that scene with Kawasegawa who in the heat of the moment berated him for not asking for help while also reassuring him that he wasn’t the one at fault for the others quitting. If only people could give us that speech whenever we’re down. “Yeah, you should have asked for help, you shouldn’t have gone in alone. But you’re not to blame”. If someone came to me and gave me the same speech that Kawasegawa gave Kyouya, I would have felt better about the situation.

If you’re someone who enjoys shipping people, while in this timeline, Kyouya is married to Shinoaki, Kawasegawa definitely won a lot of points through that speech alone. You could probably make the argument that she’s best girl now.

What’ll be interesting to see what Keiko does next because she pops up at the end of the episode. I assume that now learning what Kyouya has learned now. I think he’s going to ask her if he can go back in time and employ the lessons he learned in this life back then. Instead of being what he was before, not asking for help or the opinions of others, I think Kyouya is going to go back in time and this time, ask them (the Platinum Generation) for help while also re-doing his life in the process. To me that’s probably the most likely scenario, which means Kyouya will have to say goodbye to small Maki, but sacrifices must be made and since Kyouya is someone who values his friends first before himself. I’m sure he’ll be okay with it. I also think that if he does go back in time to change everything again, but with the lessons he learned in this timeline, I think we’ll still reach the same conclusion where Kyouya marries Shinoaki. But instead of everyone quitting, they’ll all be part of the Platinum Generation.

I’m going to completely gloss over the fact that somehow Keiko is able to time travel. Which is something we know nothing about or how she’s able to do it. But since the anime doesn’t answer that question, I doubt we’ll ever know. It’ll forever be one of those anime mysteries.

I do think however that this is a little far-fetched because with only one episode left. I do not think we’ll see Kyouya and company in the feature. I think they’ll leave it at where it all started with Kyouya re-starting post-secondary but with a renewed mindset and with the knowledge of two lives he had already lived, to fix the one he’s about to redo for a second time.

For what it’s worth, episode eleven was one of the better episodes of the series and that’s good. Maybe that’ll mean episode twelve will follow suit. I’m looking forward the last episode because I think it’ll be a happy ending nonetheless.