Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. | Episode 12 Review

So I am not sure if I read this properly, but it’s implied that somehow, Nagisa Natsunagi was a creation of Siesta. Which is something I do not entirely get, like how is that remotely possible? Furthermore, Siesta mentioning ‘rebirth’ after suppressing Hel’s consciousness, what is that supposed to mean? Does this imply that once Siesta had taken over her body that she would no longer be living? Because I mean, we do not see Hel ever again once Siesta takes hold of the body. Considering she says “new name for this body”, does this imply that Nagisa‘s body originally belonged to Hel, but the heart belongs to Siesta?

Episode twelve left even more question marks than it did answer. I’m going to jump over the fact that the fight scene between Chameleon who later turned into a T-Rex looking monster was extremely underwhelming. It didn’t really feel like Chameleon’s VC was all that enthusiastic about it either. I say this because all Chameleon did in the end was grunt, which was boring but also the grunts felt a little half assed to be completely honest.

Let’s also skip over the fact that I believe they’re still on the same cruise ship that was set on fire and had a massive hole that went through the main deck. Unless everyone on the cruise ship magically got picked up and placed onto another boat, we do not see anything that indicates whether or not they’re on the same ship.

If I were to sum up episode twelve in one word it would be, “meh”. Like I mentioned it left more questions than answers, and the fight scene was very underwhelming. I expected the episode to go out with something a little more reasonable. Something that was certainly better than the other previous episodes, but that’s not the case here. As a matter of fact, I think episode twelve falls in-line with every episode of the series, either “Meh” or “bad”. In my opinion, the only good episode was episode one, other than that. There wasn’t much about Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. that has stuck out at me, the same goes with episode twelve.

I guess there was that bittersweet moment between Siesta and Kimi but then again, if Siesta is able to takeover Nagisa‘s body whenever she likes (As shown at the very end of the episode). Then is Siesta really dead? Siesta mentions that her final wish was for, Nagisa, Charlette, Saikawa and Kimi to take down SPES for her. However, if Nagisa is Siesta, then it isn’t really a finish wish because theoretically Siesta is still alive, just living as Nagisa as the vassal. Is Siesta already dead? I am not convinced and I think the title of the series is misleading. Episode twelve basically implies that while Siesta’s actual body is no longer, the consciousness of Siesta was just moved to another person that she had created as a means to continue living. Which to me doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but hey, what’s done is done.

Overall, episode twelve was a disappointing end to a very disappointing series.



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