Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S | Episode 12 Review

It was sad to think that this would be the last episode of a series that I’ve definitely enjoyed. But nonetheless, I loved episode twelve because the vibe was just happy and uplifting while also being a beautifully animated episode.

Despite seeing yet another festival scene (something I’m starting to dislike), I thought that particular scene was really well animated. The colours and everything looked wonderful everything about that festival felt warm and inviting. I thought the festival scene did an extremely well job at setting the pace and style of episode that the people at KyoAni wanted.

While watching episode twelve, I found myself reflecting on the second season quite a lot. We’ve come a long way with our characters and this was made apparent to me when everyone was at this little picnic underneath a flurry of blooming cherry blossoms. It genuinely felt like one big family having fun in the outdoors together. If I were to relate this to real life, then it would be akin those massive family gatherings that we all wish we could have right now.

Watching all our characters enjoy each others company underneath the cherry blossom trees is like a fantasy everyone would like to have. Everyone together, having a good time underneath and experiencing something beautiful like those trees in bloom. I mean who wouldn’t want that?

The fact that we’re able to visualize all these characters together living harmoniously is something I do not think could have been imagined back in the first season. With every episode our characters have grown to better understand each other. It’s weird to see Dragons rely so much on the human race. Maybe it’s by the nature of the story that makes it seem that way, but it genuinely feels like our dragons needed humans in their lives to all them to fully express themselves.

Take Fafnir for an example, the fact that he’s able to tolerate being around everyone is quite the achievement especially for the anime’s resident shut-in. Another example is Shouta, who since the dawn of time had tried to get rid of Lucoa. However, now he’s more or less content with her being there.

Overall, the biggest thing I took away from this episode was that everyone now understands each other. I also loved how Tooru, prepared the wedding ceremony between herself and Kobayashi as the main event for their cherry blossom viewing. I thought that was very cheeky and pretty big brain. It wouldn’t be a Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S episode if we didn’t have the one scene where Tooru hits on Kobayashi. Episode twelve was definitely the best episode out of the series, it’s going to be sad knowing that this series is now over and done with. Definitely a 10/10 episode.