Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 12 Review

Man, another episode that feels extremely unsatisfying. I would also like to mention that the anime title “Remake our Life!” is very much like Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. (The Detective Is Already Dead) in that the title is very misleading. That being said, “Remake our Life!” is a lot more accurate than the latter. Kyouya does go back remaking everyone lives but it definitely feels like we’re back where we started. It doesn’t really feel like the story progressed as all, that’s the impression episode twelve gives me.

While I always understood that the sacrifice would ultimately be his current timeline where he’s married to Shinoaki and has little Maki. Episode twelve gave the impression that Kyouya would be very good at high risk, high reward games like Poker. I say this because Kyouya acknowledges the fact that him going back in time may result in a similar outcome but he’s okay with that as long as the opportunity is there for the others (Shinoaki, Nanako, Tsurayuki) to become the world renowned “Platinum Generation” that we assume they were at the beginning of the series.

Similar to what Kyouya did the first time around when he was able to remake his life. He learned from his mistakes and applied the lessons learnt in his first life. That ultimately didn’t work out, and it wasn’t the ended he wanted so now again, he goes back in time to reverse what he did while also making sure to apply the lessons he learned in his second previous life. If this second remake is anything like the first, then it’ll probably end up with a similar outcome, but this time, without being married to Shinoaki or having Maki. You see what I mean I feel like this story is just one big circle that goes around and around. If Kyouya doesn’t like the outcome that presents itself to him, he’s going to go back and change it all again in hopes for a better outcome.

This time around, he says he’s going to believe in the others, allowing them to be independent and to pursue their passions. Which is all well and good, but this thought has only effected two people Nanako, who asked for Kyouya’s help only for him to say “You can do it yourself” and Kawasegawa. What bothers me most about this episode is that Kyouya throughout this whole episode felt careless and I don’t know why. He’s experience two futures and both times he disliked them and wanted to change it. However, the one thing that Kyouya is oblivious to is that the damage is already done. When you interfere in someone else’s timeline regardless if the impact was big or small, the future they experience will never be the same as it was meant to be originally. Kyouya fails to understand that the lives of Shinoaki, Nanako, and Tsurayuki as the “Platinum Generation” would not have changed if he hadn’t interfered with their past lives during post-secondary to begin with. That’s my biggest frustration. Kyouya is a very careless person despite being so kind and accommodating.

Now given how the episode twelve ended, it left room for a potential second season. Should that happen, since everything seems to go Kyouya’s way, I’m sure they’ll find a way to restore the future of the “Platinum Generation”. However, I think that it shouldn’t be that way, there needs to be a point where Kyouya realizes that he’s already created too much damage. If there is to be another season, I would like there to be a eureka moment where Kyouya understands that in order for his friends to reach their full potential, he shouldn’t have been there as a friend to begin with. As someone there first hand in their lives, instead he must act as a bystander looking on while he remakes his life. This is what I want should there be a second season and in case this is it, then it should have happened during episode twelve.

Furthermore, before I end this blog post. There is something else I would like to mention, during Kyouya’s second trip into the future. Shinoaki’s passion for art was rekindled, which I think also indicates that the passions of the others were still with them in that timeline, they just needed something or someone to rekindle that. However, Kyouya doesn’t see that and risks that timeline for something that is far from being certain. If I were Kyouya, I would have stayed in that timeline, 100%.

Anyway, I rate this episode a 6/10. If I were to take episode twelve for what it had, it tried to bring in emotion, sure. It tried to put a positive spin on what an unknown outcome, a spin that felt really corny. Now they involve another character to this timeline, Ayaka Minori. Which means Kyouya will be changing her future whether he know it or not. In short, it’s just a lot of meh, not great, definitely could have been way better.



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