Sword Art Online: Alicization | Episode 5 and 6 Review

I always knew that Kirito was a valuable person, but I never thought that he would be this valuable. Who would have thought that they (Seijirou Kikuoka) would go to great lengths to have Kirito’s body transported to an unknown facility, with top of the line security guarding them, only for Asuna to not only find out where you are but was able to bypass all the security measures you put in place. In many ways Seijirou Kikuoka has always been a sketchy figure to me. He’s always been someone who has kept an eye on Kirito and has followed him seemingly everywhere asking him to do things for him. It’s almost as if Seijirou was evaluating Kirito, which we now know is the case.

It’s also crazy to me that this dude is creating AI that will mimic that of a real human brain for the purposes of murder. That that is some next level evil stuff. Unless I misunderstood everything, which could also be the case. I mean, why would this be a project to develop AI capable of murder. This so-called ‘taboo index’ is very interesting, laws made up by the AI that they all adhere to unless you’re Alice.

Episodes five and six were very complicated and tiring episodes to sit through. As both episodes served to provide context on this ‘Alicization project’, both episodes contained every dialogue. Which as you know by now is something I don’t really like. In this instance because the concept itself was very complex, while it was nice that the studio dedicated two whole episodes to the explanation of it all. I still find myself not fully understanding it. I mean, it could also be because I’m not interested in chatty episodes so I may have unconsciously wiped all that from my mind. But for me, as someone who needs visuals to fully grasp complicated ideas like this ‘Fluctlight’ concept, the fact that I wasn’t given any of that was a tad frustrating.

All that being said, I do hope that the following episodes are not about this ‘Fluctlight’ stuff because it wasn’t something I enjoyed all that much. From what I can remember from the light novels is that this Arc in general doesn’t feature Asuna as much (could be wrong). Which to me is a good thing. While I love Asuna, she’s one of my wifus, with regards to the third season, the less she shows up the more time we spend in the virtual world with Kirito. More time in the virtual world with Kirito means more action and that’s something I’m very excited for. Eventually Kirito will remember everything, all the memories that were blocked as a result of this project he’s a subject of. The day when that happens will be an exciting time because then it’ll be about returning to the real world and that’s something I’m looking forward to.

In short, episodes five and six were not episodes I really enjoyed but I do appreciate that they dedicated two episodes to such a complicated idea. Full credit goes to the original author of the Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara. The fact that he was able to think of this and more importantly write it all down in a way that he was satisfied with is to put it simply, incredible.



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