Takt Op. Destiny | Episode One Review

Oh my god. Now this is an anime that I’m extremely looking forward to watching. The first episode was stunning which is to be expected when the studios are Madhouse, and MAPPA, two giants in the anime world. As is customary with both studios, the action scenes are crazy good too. Episode one had a lot of action sequences and were all very entertaining to watch.

Takt Op. Destiny’s story is something that interests me. Try imagining a world without music, that’s something pretty much impossible. A world without music is like a world without food. Everyone needs food just as much as they need music in their lives. But this is the setting we find ourselves in. We don’t know much about these ‘D2’ monsters, other than the fact that they had arrived to earth via a meteor. Coincidently enough, the only way to defeat these D2 is through music. But no ordinary person can take them on because these D2 are supernatural beings, so the only people who can defeat them are “Conductors” and their partners “Musicarts”. If you have watched “Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai“, the partnership of Conductor and Musicarts follows the same concept of the puppeteer and automaton. The Conductor leads their musicart and is the source of the musicart’s power.

The duo between Takt (conductor) and his musicart, Corsette/Destiny ([musicart] For continuity, I will be calling her Destiny) also seems to be really interesting too. They work well together even though they seem to be at odds with one another more often than not. This is something you noticed straight away after a few minutes and it was something I liked because it was almost like watching two really good friends banter with each other.

It also seems to be that Destiny is a lot stronger the meets the eye, which in itself is pretty crazy because she’s already strong without going into her other form, imagine if she was ‘tuned’ to be more efficient in her attacks. That’s something I’m looking forward to seeing too, Destiny in her more refined form.

Now, moving on to what I liked the most, the fight scenes. Despite it only being the first episode, you can feel that all the future fight scenes we see in Takt Op. Destiny are only going to get better and better. Which is epic on its own. I love how the animation looks and feels and I love the way Destiny looks and moves. I also appreciate the fact that all the D2s we saw this episode were all different in every way imaginable. I also like how whenever there was a fight scene that there was always music going off in the background, which makes sense as it’s the only way to defeat the D2. However, in a world void of music the fact that these fights fill the atmosphere with plenty of it makes the fights more significant and important. Not to mention, it sounds and feels like an orchestra was employed to do the music for the fights too, which adds a whole new levels of awesome.

Overall, I’m really excited for what’s to come, I genuinely think that Takt Op. Destiny can be one of those great anime to air this year.