Blue Period | Episodes One and Two Review

Blue Period is an interesting anime. After watching the first two episodes, I think the story is something I can get behind. Despite only being two episodes in the character Yatora Yaguchi has really grown on me, I think this has to do with how much he’s already developed as a character. In episode one he spent more of his time being a delinquent, somewhere along the line, by the end of episode two. Yaguchi has one goal and one goal only which is to pass the Tokyo University of the Arts entrance exam.

How do we go from one end of the spectrum to the other? Honestly, I’m not sure how we accomplished that, but everything about it was just so smooth and free flowing. Yaguchi who was purposeless at the start of episode one found his passionate, he discovered what he wanted to do and what made him happy by the end of episode two. In many ways Blue Period reminds me a lot of 3-Gatsu no Lion, in that we have two characters who are obsessed with their respective passions. A passion where the found themselves and learned a lot in the process. A passion that allowed them to better appreciate and understand their surroundings, a passion that allowed them to see the finer details of their lives, allowing them to have a deeper and intimate connection.

The idea of self discovery, finding ones passion and doing everything possible to turn that passion into a viable option; is something we all understand and want but the majority of the time is something we don’t get to live out. It’s a fantasy we’d all like to live. The ability to do what you want and are passionate about for a living without worry is something we all strive for.

To best describe the first two episodes, I’d say is a fantasy. I say this because we’re going watching Yaguchi try and live out his passion. We’re going to watch him try and turn art into something he wants to do for a living while also having to deal with the issues such as being unable to currently afford post-secondary education should he get into the Tokyo University of the Arts; while also having to balance his own ambitions along with the needs of his immediate family. Blue Period seems like it’ll be one of those anime that is most relatable to the viewer and that is something that will ultimately work for the anime because you’re giving us a connection.

Overall episode one and two were great episodes with regards to character development and I love that. Ya’ll know I love character development and the opening two episodes had plenty of it. I think Blue Period is going to be a great anime.



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