86 2nd Season | E2: Many questions.

I will admit seeing Shin and everyone live a normal life is oddly strange. Seeing them in a world where there is no feeling of depression, pain or war is off putting to say the least. To Shin’s group, this freedom they were awarded makes them feel uncomfortable, which is understandable because they lived knowing that their purpose was to be used as weapons against the Legion. To no longer have that purpose, then to be put into a situation where you’re wondering around aimlessly in a country that offers you an experience you’ve never had before (Freedom), feels unnatural. I assume, given by the end of the second episode they all wish to go back on the frontlines, to the place they’ve ever known. That this may be one of the last episodes where we see Shin and company in a place where there isn’t death, destruction or suffering. Which is something I’m looking forward to believe it or not.

Similar to episode one, episode two also left a lot of questions. For example, how can Frederica Rosenfort see the present and past of those she meets? She mentions something of her ‘royal blood’ which allows for such to happen. If she is the last Empress to the Giad Empire who ordered the Legion to invade everyone ten years ago, why is she the size of a child? Just how old is this person and why does she have this immense power as a child? I assume that the person she is now wasn’t who she was ten years ago. If that is the case, maybe she was reborn? I mean the Legion were able to replicate that to some degree and if Frederica was their Empress at one point then I think everything is somehow connected.

The biggest question of them all is, why is she still alive? You would think that if you were the person primarily responsible for all the devastation experienced by the other countries. That upon your defeat that the countries you invaded would seek an immediate end of the Empire. Which typically results in the capture, imprisonment and death of the Royal family to stop any resurgence. I think that’s safe to assume is it not? The fact that Ernst Zimmerman has taken her into his household and has done everything within his power to keep her true identity from leaking out, again indicates to me that Ernst has an ulterior motive. If I were a betting man, Ernst needs Frederica to stay alive for whatever reason. For what reason exactly? Is a whole separate question.

Taking episode two for face value, it’s basically a ‘setup’ episode which are the episodes I dislike most in anime. I hope that the second season to 86 picks up the pace a little. Which I’m sure it will, but yeah. Overall these past two episodes haven’t been that great in my opinion, in large part because they are introductory episodes.