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Sword Art Online: Alicization | Episode 7 and 8 Review

Right so I will admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched SAO: Alicization. It’s probably maybe a week, week and a half. I decided to be unwise this Fall 2021 season and watch even more anime than I did last season, furthermore, I wanted to get ahead. As a result, SAO: Alicization took a back seat for awhile but here I am once again. So what did I think about episodes seven and eight?

I’ll say right off the bat, episode seven was a whole lot of nothing to be completely honest. If you really wanted to you could have probably just skipped that episode altogether and it wouldn’t really make much difference. This is because it was a prelude to the following episode, episode eight.

Which took the cake in everywhere imaginable for me. We had a fight scene, which is always important for SAO. Kirito was presented with yet another character to wish he could mop the floor with, not to mention that I’m pretty sure he learned a new skill too. Which only adds to his vast and ever-growing skills and abilities he’s gained over the games he’s played.

What I thought was very interesting was during that fight against Levantein and the scene where Kirito was in the flower garden, you images of Asuna and company. Which indicates to me that Kirito’s memories are slowly coming back to him. The dead giveaway for me was when he stood infront of his ruined flower bed he mentions “Cut off from the real world, from those I cared about…”. Kirito understands he’s in a game and is trying to get out of it. However, while he understood that much, Kirito was never able to remember those in the real world, until today. Or atleast he’s starting to make a connection. How long will it be until Kirito makes the connection and fully remembers everything? Given that there are a further two more seasons of SAO I have to get through. I assume that it’s going to take Kirito a little bit to remember fully unless something crazy happens. Which is something I expect to happen because that would be SAO in a nutshell. I just love how we have one of the most OP in-game characters in anime history walking gaining more abilities and knowledge as we go, it’s almost a matter of time before he meets another worthy foe.

Long before watching Sword Art Online: Alicization, I did take a look at some of the Youtube videos made at the time the “War of the Underground was airing. So I know that something happens to Kirito, but what exactly? That wasn’t something I looked into because I knew I’d eventually pick up SAO again.

Anyway, all in all, episode seven wasn’t a great episode, but episode eight makes up for it so I guess that’s okay. Ideally in a perfect world, I’d want them both to be great and I hope that becomes more of the case as I progress into the series.

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