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Sakugan | Episode Two: Best Father-Daughter Duo.

Man, now this is an anime I’m really excited for. Sakugan’s second episode was one I really enjoyed because it showcased something we don’t typically see, or rather, it isn’t something seen too often. That being a father-daughter duo. Which is something episode two was all about.

For a duo that has their moments every now and again, their teamwork is second to none. As they were getting chased down by this dinosaur looking thing, Gagumber put all his faith into his daughter Memenpu and that strategy she devised to outrun this beast that was specifically targeting them. Not to mention everything about that entire scene looked so slick and so smooth. Sakugan is proving to have one of the anime regarding all around animation. The monster they faced looked so smooth and didn’t feel choppy, furthermore the moments of Gagumber’s mech felt and looked great.

Something that was made apparent to me while watching this episode, was that at the end you could tell that Gagumber was still struggling with something and Memenpu felt like her father was still struggling too. But we were never told what. If I were a betting man, I think he’s still struggling with the loss of his wife (which is also something we don’t know much about). Furthermore, we were not told why Gagumber had a mech sitting in storage.

If we were to go off an the idea that it relates to his wife, then I think it’s safe for me to assume that like Memenpu, her mother also had a dream of exploring. Which was something Gagumber fully supported until something happened to her, which caused him to shelf his mech and refuse to become a ‘maker’. This would explain Gagumber’s refusal in the first episode to allow Memenpu to become a ‘maker’ and to pursue her dreams of exploration because he doesn’t want to see her daughter suffer the same fate at his wife. Again, we don’t know what happened to her, which I assume is something that we’ll be told in the later episode; but to me that’s the obvious link.

Overall I really enjoyed episode two. It had wonderful animations, action, and two characters that I love. I’m really looking forward to all the adventures they go on together. I hope Memenpu gets to see the place she dreamt of and I’m also looking forward to learning more about Memenpu’s mother and everything that happened to them.

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