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Banished from the Hero’s Party | E2: Enter Player Two.

A yes, enter player two. Depending on your outlook on life, you either found episode two entertaining or not. On that spectrum, I am on the side of “Not” and here is why. Fundamentally, episode two is nothing more than another introductory episode. Where we’re introduced to player number two, Rit.

As is with all introductory episodes, we were given a little snippet about her and Rit’s origin story. Which is alright I guess, however, episode two was just them reminiscing on the past, nothing more, nothing less. To me I don’t find that all too interesting or entertaining, I mean it’s great knowing who Rit is and her connection to Red. But when the episode nothing else, it makes me question if an entire episode was needed to introduce Rit. Personally, I don’t think that should have been the case, but hey, I’m not in charge of that so I have to deal with it.

Another thing I didn’t like about episode two was that you could already tell what the purpose of Rit was going to be for this series. She’s there to be the love interest for Red, I mean why would she go through the trouble of looking for him, then announcing that she would retire from adventuring. Then to announce later in the episode that that she would be moving in with Red and will assist him with everyday operations of his store. I mean, like come on, can we make things a little less obvious. I don’t like things I can see from a mile away especially when we’re only two episodes in, I want to be left guessing. I will also admit, Rit as a character doesn’t seem all that interesting. Granted, this is only the second episode, so there still plenty of time, but I wasn’t really excited by her introduction.

Overall, I think there’s definitely much to be desired by episode two. It wasn’t the great episode for sure, but again this was an introductory episode so you cannot expect too much. I just hope that this feeling of “something is missing” or “I don’t find this all too entertaining” is not a sign of things to come.

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