Takt Op. Destiny | E2: The Past was great.

Episode two was another great episode. Maybe I’m hyping up Takt Op. Destiny too much but after such an eventful first episode to then follow that episode up with one that gave a little insight on our trio was nice. Who would have thought that Takt experienced such a loss at a young age, losing his father, a conductor to the D2. Then ‘losing’ Cosette to another D2 attack all because she wanted the world to hear Takt’s music was extremely heartbreaking. However it’s to be expected, episode two is the prequel. Episode two gave us the events that lead up to where we are presently, as episode two left on a cliffhanger, I think it’s safe to assume that episode three will be a continuation of sorts. Which I don’t mind at all because it’ll be leading to a fight scene.

Episode two answered a question I had about the first episode. In episode one, we had a flashback where we saw someone who resembled Cosette, we were now given context about that flashback. Confirming that it was indeed Cosette, but with another personality. While episode two answered one question, it left many more. Like for example, what decided that Cosette would be a Musicart and that Takt would be her Conductor? Also, why did Cosette lose her lively personality upon becoming a Musicart? It’s a shame because Cosette (pre-musicart) was someone who was very lively, she was almost like a little sister to Takt. To see that personality, one that supported Takt all the way through, be stripped away and replaced by another personality that feels rather robotic is a shame. I can only imagine what Takt feels, knowing that the person he once knew and is now the conductor of, is no longer that same bright person that you used to know. Episode two also didn’t explore Anna’s thoughts and feelings after either because like Takt, she effectively lost her younger sister (Cosette). The person Anna once knew is no longer than and I’m sure that has taken a toll on her too. Since we know that the trio are on their way to New York to have Cosette ‘tuned’ the tuning allow for Cosette to regain a part of herself that was lost?

Another aspect of episode two that I enjoyed was how it framed the episode. At the start of the episode, everything about it was bright and vibrant. The colours stood out at you and it painted a very lively past. Then as we progressed through the episodes, it got darker and darker until the episodes climax, which resulted in whatever happened at the festival. This transition offered a visual indicator that something was about to happen. Going off the information provided last episode, it was almost a matter of time until the D2 decided to attack. You could tell that it was going to happen once Cosette and Takt finished their performance, I mean how could it not? That’s anime timing in a nutshell. As they take the bow at the sound of a roaring applause, the D2 attack killing literally everyone who attend the festival a part from the trio. In that regard, it wasn’t something I liked too much because of how planned everything felt but I cannot complain too much.

The biggest drawback about this episode was that OP. I am not too sure whether or not this is an OP that I enjoy. I don’t know if “takt (タクト)” by ryo (supercell) feat. Mafumafu, gaku suits the anime. It was weird for me because we have the makings of what can be a great anime, but its OP is something I can barely hear for some reason, it’s almost like the OP is muffled.

Anyway, a part from that. Episode two of Takt Op. Destiny was a great episode. I’m looking for episode three because it looks like we’ll be jumping right into a fight scene.