Shiroi Suna no Aquatope | E14 and E15: Patience and Persistence.

Overall, I think episodes fourteen and fifteen were episodes showing the growing pains that Kukuru has been going through since joining the Tingaara. Time and time again, we’ve seen episodes where she works so hard and does so much, but she always gets knocked down. That all changes once Fuuka joins the Tingaara, which was something I knew was going to happen eventually. Now Kukuru is extremely motivated to do her best regardless of how much work she has to do.

What episodes fourteen and fifteen made obvious to me was that all the members who came from the Gama Gama are having a very hard time fitting in, except for Fuuka who seems to be doing just fine taking care of the penguins. However, as Kukuru is the star of the anime, the primary focus is on her. What’s interesting is that all the higher ups that Kukuru approaches throughout the episodes all have different and conflicting views on the vision of Tingaara. We have Kukuru’s boss is only really concerned about turning a profit and seems to be okay with assigning an absurd amount of work to his employees with unreasonable deadlines. Now I get it, in order to manage the large facility that is the Tingaara, you need the money to maintain it hence why he’s making Kukuru do so many things, but man, isn’t he an asshole.

Assigning what seems to be unreasonable work to his employees, not allowing for any pushback forcing them to just deal with it without complaining. This inflexibility is something I really dislike in a professional working environment. There needs to be some flexibility to move around, this “my way, or no way” mentality is something I cannot work with.

Then we have Kaoru Shimabukuro, I don’t know what role she plays, but it looks like she’s the head of the attendants who look after all the animals. Who believes while it’s important to take care of the animals, it shouldn’t be as big as a priority as understanding them on a scientific level. To me, I don’t think Shimabukuro cares all that much about the wellbeing of the animals, which is weird for me to say especially when she’s like the Chief attendant. Not to mention she resembles Chiyu Haebaru, so I wonder if they’re somehow related. But anyway it’s crazy to think that you have different views on what the priority of the aquarium should be, none of which suit Kukuru whose primary focus has always been about taking care and appreciating the animals for what they are.

After all her struggles, it seems as though Kukuru’s patience and persistence has paid off. She has now created two, attractions that were finally approved by her boss. The first being a tour, which only brought in one group, but by the looks of it is now starting to turn into results. The second being the slug exhibit which with the help of Shimabukuro turned out to be a success. I really hope this leads to bigger and better things for Kukuru. Seeing her couped up at an office desk all day just doesn’t suit her, if anything switch Kukuru and Chiyu around then I’ll be satisfied. To me Kukuru has grown quite a bit, despite dealing with a lot of bullshit and things not going her way. She’s managed to make it to through to the other side, Kukuru feels like a more resilient character.

I’m looking forward to see how her character progresses, as we begin our charge to the end of the anime.



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