Sword Art Online: Alicization | E9 to E12 – Many thoughts in one place.

So I decided to do something I don’t normally do, which is provide my thoughts on four episodes. Episodes nine through twelve. I did this because, episodes nine and especially episode ten were episodes I disliked quite a bit. In large part due to the contents of the episodes, it just isn’t something I’m overly comfortable watching.

Whenever an episode covers a very uncomfortable topic like what’s in episode ten it makes me questions where or not it was really necessary. In order for Kirito and Eugene to enter the tower, probably. However, as shown in the first episode there could have been other ways to be captured by a Integrity Knight, I mean Alice was captured for saving Eugene and Kirito. So was the contents of episode ten really needed? Personally, I believe that it isn’t. In that regard, I don’t really know if episode ten established anything worth noting. I don’t really know how it pushed the story along. But yeah, there isn’t much if anything at all I can comment on with regards to episodes nine and ten.

On the other hand, episodes eleven and twelve were way better episodes. They were very informative and chatty episodes, sure. If anything it showed that Kirito is better understanding the situation he finds himself in. Something I found particularly interesting was that while in-game two years has passed, in the real world Asuna is still at the facility housing Kira’s body. All this definitely gives me interstellar vibes for sure. What’s crazy is that Kirito is now living two lives.

Another thing that caught my eye especially with regards to episode twelve was that somewhere in the tower itself there’s a giant library that houses all the administrative commands for the game. Talk about giving Kirito more ways to be OP. If you give Kirito admin, you know what he’ll do. Then to find out that the main boss “the Administrator” was a fluctlight gone rogue, a fluctlight that basically programmed herself to be able to use every administrative command thus allowing her to have every cheat in the game. Is like Madara from Naruto, all around OP and untouchable. Since I’ve already drawn the comparison between the two, I assume that similar to Naruto where both Naruto and Sasuke had to gain god-like powers to eventually defeat the final boss. Kirito will somehow, defeat Quinella (the Administrator) by obtaining god-like powers to defeat her. Which is something I’ve come to expect, especially when talking about Kirito.

As I have reached the halfway point of the anime. I assume that everything that follows (episodes thirteen onwards) will be more action driven. Well I hope anyway. A lot of information has been shared over the past few episodes and I assume that there will be plenty more. However, I just think that roughly four episodes of explaining what is this world and the concept that is ‘Alicization’ is enough for me. I myself still don’t quite understand everything but I don’t want to be subject to more of those chatty episodes.

I want to know how Kirito gets his memories back, I want to know what happens to Alicia, what do Kirito and Eugene do to save her. More importantly, I want to see more of this ‘administrator’ in action. I can only assume that she became more of a regular fixture in the coming episodes, I mean why can’t she be? It would be a shame if the anime leave the final confrontation towards the end. But anyway, those are my thoughts on episodes nine through twelve. I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes.