86 2nd Season | Episode 3: Back to the Killing Fields.

Back to the killing fields we go, back to the place where the figure named “The Reaper” known to us as Shin got his name. As is customary with 86 Eighty-Six, we experienced a roller coaster of emotions, we go from the highs of knowing that Fido is still alive. Which is something I loved because I got attached to Fido, also seeing Shin’s reaction knowing that his companion who has stuck by his side was still alive was great. To see Shin smile every it for a few second was something you don’t typically see given how he is a person.

Something else that was a nice touch for the episode, was that Shin and company’s new Unit commander in Grethe took them to a monument where at the foot of the monument was a tool box. Which I assume is the same tool box that Shin kept and is where he carried all the names of their fallen comrades who were originally part of the Execution Squad that was the Spearhead. See a touching memorial spot for all the 500+ individuals whose names we kept in that tool box. I also thought it was extremely interesting that despite standing in a place that would have been extremely emotional, Shin and company didn’t bat an eye, or get overwhelmed with emotion. It goes to show how hardened they’ve all become as time went on.

Another thing that I found equally as interesting was that all the officers a part of the Federal Republic of Giad’s military are in shock and awe at Shin and friends, and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. The officers cannot believe how involved Shin and company are already. They cannot believe that they’d design a mech that puts at risk the pilot and they cannot believe that Shin (now a 2nd Lieutenant) had command of a Battalion. It tells me that Federal Republic of Giad and it’s military do not full grasp and understand that the San Republic of Mongolia had done to the 86. It’s mentioned throughout the episode that this group of 86, especially Shin are viewed as monsters, despite being part of the same military.

It also says me that the despite defeating the Legion, the Federal Republic do not know much about the Legion. Well I think that’s the case anyway because at the end, as Shin and company return to the killing fields and continued the war against the Legion. Shin did what he has done for everyone of his fallen and dying comrades at the hands of the Legion, shooting them before the Legion can use his consciousness against them. As shown by Marcel screaming at Shin for not saving Eugene, despite Eugene being in the worst state possible. It’s interesting that once the military charges towards the killing fields, it seems like many soldiers of the Federal Republic do not fully understand the horrors of war (the ones we’ve seen anyway).

It’s like they do not understand that war is something so ruthless and unforgiving. Granted, I assume that most of the soldiers part of the Federal Republic have not see the type of combat or horror that the Spearhead has gone through and experienced. So there’s bound to be clear differences in how they act, and that’s the biggest difference for me. The biggest thing I took away from episode three was the difference in thought between those who are battle hardened and those who are not. It’ll be interesting to see if there will be a divide between Shin and friends and the officers of the Federal Republic because I definitely see that happening.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.



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