Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi | E2: I’ve got a feeling, I’m going to like this anime.

I’ve got a feeling, that this anime is going to be a good one. Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi feels like it’ll be one of those comedies that’ll work for me. A lot of this has to do with the characters, I think they have the right blend of personalities all of which work extremely well together and really compliment one another. This natural flow amongst its character will generate simple but effective comedy while also making sure that everything feels organic.

There were many moments throughout the episode that had me laughing. Like when Igarashi thought that having a larger chest would make Takeda see her as a woman and less like a daughter. I thought that scene was very entertaining because seeing Igarashi standing infront of a mirror in a change room while stuffing her shirt with a squished bear plush-like thing to make her chest look bigger was funny. Especially when her friend started taking pictures of Igarashi and of what she was doing in the change room. Not to mention when her friend (Natsumi Kurobe) forced Igarashi to keep those plushies in her shirt until they got home was pure comedy because immediately after Kurobe got off the train, Takeda and Kazama got on and only Kazama noticed Igarashi’s unusual sized chest while Takeda didn’t notice a thing.

Seeing Kazama’s reaction as his glances bounced from Takeda and Igarashi wondering if Takeda had noticed anything strange was extremely funny to me. Kazama reminds me a lot of Hikigaya from Oregairu and that’s something I like quite a bit. He also landed the second best girl in Touko Sakurai and to me that’s a big W already. Oh and let us not also forget that we also got to see Takeda wreck a guy who was being an outright creep on the subway. Which was the badass performance of the episode for sure.

This kind of humor is what I really enjoy. None of it felt forced, everything felt natural. I never sat there thinking “Hmm, this feels like it was thrown in there”. That kind of comedy is what I favour most and it looks like Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi is going to be one I’ll be enjoying for sure. Overall I thought episode two was a great episode with regards to all the shenanigans that happened, if all the future episodes carry the same sort of trend as episode two. I definitely think this will be a great comedy anime.