Takt Op. Destiny | E3: Hints and Details.

The animations are just so slick, the fight scenes are just so good. How could you not dislike it. There were many things I liked about episode three of Takt Op. Destiny. It offered a lot more information on Musicarts and how someone like Cosette was able to become one. We learned that that way Cosette became a Musicart was unconventional and something that is extremely rare because Cosette didn’t go through the ‘process’ to become a proper musicart. Which also explains why in the earlier episodes Takt keeps mentioning how inefficient Cosette is when fighting the D2.

Episode three also did a great job at providing a little more information about what are Musicarts and how they came to be. Lenny sharing information about Musicarts as a whole, I thought was very insightful. Lenny’s explanation about Musicarts as a whole basically confirms that Cosette is basically a robot, as they do not carry the memories of their past selves. This implies that Cosette (pre-musicart) no longer exists, which in itself is kind of sad. I also found it interesting that since Cosette is not your ‘normal’ Musicart that her imbalances result in her devouring Takt as a means of energy to continue fighting the D2.

In many ways Cosette feels like an incredible superweapon, a superweapon that is very much still a prototype. Like Tatsuya from Irregular at Magic High School. Extremely strong and has a wide range of abilities, but is extremely unstable and unbalanced. The only real difference Tatsuya doesn’t devour another person’s life force when he’s fighting, while Cosette does when she’s required to tap into her greater abilities.

Anyway, moving right along. The most important piece to what is going to be a very complex puzzle was hinted at by Lenny by the end of the episode. It seems like he has his own thoughts on how everything has come to be. To me, I think Lenny thinks that everything regarding the D2 is being controlled or influenced by someone behind the scenes. He mentions Boston and “Maestro”. Maybe these two things go hand-in-hand with the D2 who knows? Maybe it could be one of those things where a Maestro has lost his or her way and no longer see music as a beacon of hope but a symbol of pain and suffering. Therefore, the introduction of these D2 serve to enforce that idea. At this point, we still do not have enough information, but that’s my best crack at it.

Episode three did a lot of things right. It gave us potential hints, it may have foreshadowed what is to come and that excites me. Despite being only three episodes in, I am hooked.