Blue Period | E3 and 4: Self Discovery.

Blue Period is a very interesting anime. I thought episodes three and four carried the same level of intrigue. I’m not an artisty person so I have a hard time understanding and interpreting what is said throughout both episodes. That being said, the biggest takeaway from both episodes was that art is very open-ended.

This is an obvious thing to say, but I never realized how open-ended Art really was. I knew that there were various different techniques, types and styles. However, to see all these different approaches and different styles that convey a certain type of/or various emotion(s), all while being unique in every way possible; and most importantly, having different interpretations by those looking at the art piece. Is well… overwhelming, to say the least. It definitely is a lot of information to take in and absorb.

In many ways, I felt like I was Yaguchi because, throughout both episodes three and four, he was having a hard time trying to make sense of everything. He was going through the self-discovery stage, finding what he liked, finding a style that suited him, finding an art form that allowed him to fully express the emotion he felt. While Yaguchi continues on this journey of self-discovery, one thing is for certain he won’t let anyone tell him he’s made the wrong decision and that’s what I like about him. Despite Yaguchi being extremely self-conscious and is someone who is always quick to compare himself to others. Often pointing out that he cannot compete or match the skill of everyone around him. His determination to find his own way, his lust to turn himself into someone who can stand equal to or above those he sees as untouchable is an attitude I admire. He wants to be the best he can be, he wants to discover his own art form while also being a scholar to art itself. Yaguchi is very observant and it’ll be interesting to see where his journey of self-discovery takes him.

Moving away from Yaguchi quickly. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t know that Ryuuji was a guy. I always thought that Ryuuji was a girl, but when Yaguchi told Ryuuji that the reason he got rejected was that he was dressed as a girl. I was taken aback. That being said, I felt bad for Ryuuji because she wanted to be accepted even if the society she lived in didn’t accept Ryuuji for who she was. This stance resonates in today’s world where people want to be accepted for who they are, where people want to live in a society where who they are is considered normal and isn’t something that people have a hard time accepting.

Overall, similar to episodes one and two of Blue Period, episodes three and four were also great episodes. I’m looking forward to seeing where Yaguchi’s journey takes him. 8/10